Each week, we will take a look at a few players who would make good pickups in your season long fantasy leagues. We will try mix it up to have a good distribution of pitching and hitters to help you dominate your fantasy leagues.


Carlos Beltran – 38% owned – Beltran has certainly seen better days, but he can still be a nice asset for your fantasy team. This week, he gets two series at home, in a stadium that is beneficial to lefty bats. Streaming makes a lot more sense for pitchers, but if you have a dead spot and a guy who hasn’t been producing, I don’t think it would hurt to have Beltran this week. 

Yunel Escobar – 18% owned – Escobar has been on a roll this week, and it could carry over this week as the Angels hit Chicago for a series with the White Sox. Chicago has some wild pitchers, and if they are wild, a guy like Escobar will definitely eat this week.

Joe Mauer – 18% owned – Mauer has turned things on this week, and is way too low owned for a guy who is doing what he is doing. He is low owned because he is Joe Mauer and the thought is that he has seen better days. Perhaps that is the case, but ultimately if he is producing what does it really matter?

Tony Wolters – 1% owned – Nick Hundley will probably be coming off the DL, moving Wolters back to small amounts of playing time. In the time he has played, he has done well, including three stolen bases, which is something you’ll gladly take from the catcher position. Hundley hadn’t exactly been lighting things up to start the year, so perhaps Wolters can see more playing time even with Hundley back. 


Jose Berrios – 19% ownedI want to start looking at some prospects who could get the call soon, as we did with Mazara last week, and what a great week he had. Berrios is the most likely of the big three prospect pitchers to get called up soon [Lucas Giolito would be pitcher #3]. The Twins can definitely use the pitching help, and Berrios is should be able to slide into their roster and could pretty easily become their number one starter by the end of the year. 

Tyler Glasnow – 13% owned – Pittsburgh’s pitching staff is highly questionable. Behind Gerit Cole, who else is there? There are a host of guys who can hopefully sometimes put together good outings, but is that really enough to get to the end of the year? Glasnow probably won’t get called up soon, but there will be a mad dash for him when he does. It might not be the worst idea to use a spot for either of these guys, because when they get called up, they should put up nice numbers.