While MLB opening day might be April 3rd for season long leagues, daily fantasy players are geared toward 3 weeks today, April 4th, when a full slate of 12 games will be played to really kick things off. I am excited, as this will be my first full year of playing MLB DFS. I had a lot of fun last year, had some decent wins, as well as an epic 25 day cash game streak, that was ultimately followed by about a 12 day losing streak. That is why we do it though! We love the ups and hate the downs, but without the downs you can’t get excited for the ups!

I have chosen Monday as my date of update for matters regarding MLB fantasy. Most of it will be geared toward season long leagues, as it is just far too difficult to put out anything other than picks on a daily basis. Some of these articles will be comprehensive, and some will be short.

First, I want to earmark a few players I like this year that I think are being drafted too low in season long leagues. I am confident that there will be some correction with this if people ultimately do agree with me. The first is Gerardo Parra, now of the Colorado Rockies. I will admit some bias, as he was oe of my favorite plays last year, and this year he gets a bonus bump by getting to move to the thin air in Colorado. Now, one thing we should get out of the way immediately is that they will be making some changes to the park this year, which include raising the height of the walls to cut down on home runs. That doesn’t matter too much for me with Parra. He is being drafted very, very low, and can provide for you in a variety of ways. Even as a relative novice in comparison to others who now have decades in fantasy baseball, I can tell you that I believe it be a better strategy to focus on outfield excluded positional players earlier in the draft, as, just by sheer numbers, there are far more players available at outfield than at any other position. I know that you know, but I still felt the need to say it. Still, Parra is a guy that I like this year, and depending on how things shake out, his teammate Ben Paulsen can end up being a great value later in drafts as well.

Another guy I believe is in a good position this year is Jeff Samardzija. Now calling San Francisco’s expansive ball park home , Samardzija looks to gain his form from the last time he was in the National League with the Chicago Cubs. He is not a guy who is going to give you a low ERA or a good WHIP. What he will get your is strikeouts. He posted an ERA of nearly 5 last year with the White Sox, but one would figure that number to decrease being in a better situation this year. Additionally, the Giants are just a better team, which should help him level off his win loss record. Currently, I believe him to be a steal being drafted between 150-170.

The last guy I’ll bring up here is Marcell Ozuna. I could not believe that he was being drafted in the 200’s. This team has a good lineup in my opinion, with Gordon, Yelich and monster Giancarlo Stanton all batting in the top part of the order. Miami is looking to spice things up a bit in 2016, as they have announced that they will bring the fences in. Well, Ozuna is a threat to blast the ball each time he is at the plate, and to me, I am more than willing to take the shot on either Ozuna or Yelich, though Yelich is being drafted much higher typically.
QUICK HITS: It was announced that Madison Bumgarner is likely to miss some starts due to some lingering injuries, but this will not impact his status for opening day. The same news was delivered to the Dodgers about hot prospect Corey Seagers. He is fully expected to be the opening day starting shortshop, but he as well should be ready for opening day with time to spare. For those who were excited at the possibility that Aaron Judge would be on the opening day roster for the Yankees will be disappointed, as he has been assigned to minor league camp.

We will see you next week, one week closer to opening day!