MLB DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – 6/26/17

Welcome to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s MLB Breakdown. These picks are what I consider to be the best play of the day, relative to their price. One of the most important things we must consider in daily fantasy is how many points a player gets per dollar. It helps us identify value plays to pair with studs that we know will produce in order to maximize our potential points in lineups. I also try to identify plays that can be used in either cash games or tournaments. Typically, when I build my cash games, I am looking for players that have the best floor combined with good upside. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know!

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Chris Sale (25200/11700/12900) – Well, the choice of pitcher for cash games was made easy today, as Sale is pitching. The Twins are a fair enough offense, but Sale is Sale. I’m not digging into the stats, I’m just going to play the guy who has been the best pitcher in baseball this year.

Jose Berrios (20800/9600/10700) – Berrios has certainly been making waves since returning to baseball this year. He’s been nothing short of awesome, and he carries an excellent strike out rate to boot. The Red Sox are a lineup that on paper look to be threatening, but I am not concerned. I love Berrios again today.

Jeff Samardzija (16400/8300/8400) – With only six games on the slate, we don’t get a ton of options, and The Shark has been pretty sharp this year. He’s a decent cost savings from some of the other guys on this list, and could end up as one of the higher scoring options. Colorado does scare me a bit, but I think he’ll be able to work around them.


Justin Turner (8800/3800/4600) – Yesterday was one of those days where we could just do these eye test and tell that pitching wasn’t in a good situation. Well, today is the opposite. We really only have a few options to pick on, and Ricky Nolasco is one of them. Against lefties on the year, he’s allowed a .391 wOBA, 37.2% fly ball rate and 41.5% hard contact. I love the idea of using Turner tonight.

Kris Bryant (9200/3800/4700) – Gio Gonzalez can definitely be a good pitcher, but he’s still susceptible to giving up some runs here and there. His fly ball rate against righties is at 40% which is high, and the hard contact is near 35%, which is not awful but not great either. I expect Bryant to put up a fight tonight and makes a good play.

Edwin Encarnacion (9200/3600/4700) – Edwin broke some hearts on Sunday, as he was a fairly popular play. That hasn’t panned out yet, but Monday is a new day. Cole Hamels is returning from the DL and taking on one of the more potent offenses in all of baseball, so it wouldn’t be shocking to see Edwin get ahold of one. 


Kole Calhoun (6900/3300/3500) – Every once in awhile I throw out a lefty/lefty matchup if it makes sense, and I could see it happening here. The downside is that while Rich Hill doesn’t offer a lot of hard contact, he does give up a lot of fly balls (60%) and gets hit a lot by lefties. That is enough for me today. I’ll have some Calhoun exposure.

Bryce Harper (10400/4500/5400) – Eddie Butler doesn’t do well with lefties. We know this because he’s allowing a 46.8% fly ball rate and 38.3% hard contact against them. That’s not something you want to deal with when talking about Bryce Harper. He’s a great option in all formats.

Aaron Judge (10800/4900/5600) – We don’t have a ton of background on David Holmberg yet, but what we know so far is that he’s allowing a lot of fly balls (41.7%) and hard contact (39.7%) against righties. Judge isn’t a guy to have those kinds of numbers against, and he’ll be one of our top plays today.


Slate Strategy

I get it, and I’ll admit it: there is a TON of what will end up being chalk plays today. Sometimes, that’s just how it works out. I’m here to give you the plays that I see being in good matchups, regardless of the price.

I said it in the Justin Turner bit, but there is no question in my mind that there are going to be some difficulties in terms of figuring out who we want to go after. There are only a few pitchers that I really want to go out of my way to attack, and I think that is going to be common place.

While this statement is true every night, it’s going to be even more true tonight: how you choose to differentiate yourself from the pack is going to determine how you are going to be able to do in terms of taking down a tournament. 12 teams to choose from might sound like a lot, but there will still be players out there that go too over looked.

Top Stacks

Los Angeles Dodgers (Bellinger/Turner/Pederson/Taylor)

New York Yankees (Judge/Sanchez/Gardner/Hicks)


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