MLB DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – 5/17/17

Welcome to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s MLB Breakdown. These picks are what I consider to be the best play of the day, relative to their price. One of the most important things we must consider in daily fantasy is how many points a player gets per dollar. It helps us identify value plays to pair with studs that we know will produce in order to maximize our potential points in lineups. I also try to identify plays that can be used in either cash games or tournaments. Typically, when I build my cash games, I am looking for players that have the best floor combined with good upside. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know!

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Michael Fulmer (21600/9500/11200) – Nice slate of ballgames tonight, though it looks like the pitching options aren’t exactly the best. There are still enough options for us though. Fulmer has been awesome more often than not this year, and I could see him coming through with a pretty nice game against the Orioles here. Yes, the Orioles can be a pretty tough team from time to time, but good pitching can always get the best of a strong hitting team.

Michael Pineda (19500/8600/10100) – Pineda is always one of the best tournament options and tonight is going to be no different. He’s got a ton of upside against a Royals offense that just isn’t that good. He’s got the upside to get to double digit strikeouts, though he always does carry the risk of getting blown up at any point and time. I’ll have no part of him in my cash games, but will always looks his way in tournaments.

Matt Shoemaker (17200/8100/8800) – The White Sox are a mess on offense right now, and Matt Shoemaker is coming off of his best outing to date. We get the benefit of this game taking place at a nice pitcher’s park, which is an added plus as well. I have no issues paying his salary in tournaments tonight, because I do believe he’s got some pretty strong upside in this matchup.


Jonathan Lucroy (7600/2700/3900) – This is a really weird slate now that I look a little deeper. None of the pitchers really jump out as being consistently horrible, so there is going to be a lot of research yet to be done on this slate. I’m tossing Lucroy in there because eventually he is going to pick up it, and this isn’t an awful matchup for him tonight.

Matt Wieters (6800/2700/3400) – I am not a fan of Gerrit Cole. I think he’s a mental midget. When one thing goes wrong, he completely unravels. Wieters is one of the better hitting catchers in the game, and I think the Nationals will be able to get to him tonight.


Miguel Cabrera (8000/3500/4200) – The Tigers get Ubaldo Jiminez tonight which is always something I’m interested in playing off of. Miguel Cabrera has been basically awful this year, but he did have to deal with that injury when he started to get hot. The price is right and the upside is there, and I’ll have some shares tonight in tournaments.

Kennys Vargas (8100/3000/4100) – I love using Vargas whenever it seems like a nice situation. He’s never highly owned and has some nice power. German Marquez isn’t a good pitcher in my opinion, so this is a matchup that Vargas should be able to win tonight. I like his shot at a long ball.


Daniel Murphy (9800/3800/4900) – Murphy got the night off on Tuesday night. I’ll never understand why the Nats give their guys the night off in a good situation, but that’s irrelevant here. Murphy should be able to handle whatever Cole dishes at him, and he’s another great play tonight.

Ryan Schimpf (6900/2900/3500) – Matt Garza has been awful against lefties this year, and when I get someone I think can give up a long ball to Schimpf, he’s going in my lineups. That’s all he can do, and because of that, he cannot be trusted in your cash game lineups tonight.


Jedd Gyorko (8100/3700/4100) – Rick Porcello is both a good and bad pitcher. He’s Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde in 2017. I could see him shutting down the Cardinals, but then again, I could see him having some trouble with them. Gyorko is one of the guys that could give him fits, and thus makes him a nice play tonight.

Yangervis Solarte (6800/2700/3400) – Schimpf is a good shot at a home run, but Solarte is a better shot at a good game. He’s got some power upside, so it isn’t like he can’t do that, but he’s more likely to have a solid game. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him in either format tonight.


Jean Segura (9300/3900/4700) – Jesse Hahn is an average pitcher at best, but Segura has been off to a tremendous start to the season. He can do so many things to accumulate fantasy points, which is why I have no issues with using him tonight in either format.

Aledmys Diaz (7600/2900/3800) – Diaz has been overly frustrating this year, but he’s still someone I think we can look to in tournaments. He could be a candidate to give Rick Porcello fits, and has the power to take the ball deep tonight.


Bryce Harper (11100/5000/5700) – I feel like this is de ja vu from last night, but the numbers set this up as being a strong play. I need not explain to you why Bryce Harper should be considered in your lineups. This is just a great spot for tournament play.

J.D. Martinez (8400/3600/4300) – Martinez against Ubaldo Jiminez is something that I will do every time I can get the opportunity. He’s got such a big power upside, and is going to be making up for lost time. There is a good chance Martinez is able to knock one out of the park tonight, and makes for a great tournament play.

Hernan Perez (6800/3400/3500) – Hernan Perez is a scrappy little player, and gets a matchup with Jhoulys Chacin tonight. There is nothing special about the matchup, but I just think Perez can have a nice game against Perez and then the Padres bullpen behind them.

Kyle Schwarber (7600/3100/3800) – Schwarber has been, well, horrible as of late. It’s pretty evident that it won’t last, but it can be so difficult to predict when and where it ends. The matchup is fair enough for him tonight, so I’ll have some exposure to him in tournaments tonight.

Ezequiel Carrera (6800/2800/3500) – Mike Foltynewicz has been bad against lefties over the last few years, and Carrera is a guy that goes overlooked a lot. He’s got enough power and speed to get the job done a few different ways for you, and that is exactly what we are looking for in both cash games and tournaments.


Slate Strategy

When I first looked at this slate, I thought it was going to be an easy slate to dive into. Honestly, though, it’s going to take some more research and potentially just taking some uncomfortable risks to get the big payoff.

The pitching actually sets up nicely. No, we don’t have any “sure things” on tonight’s slate, but the whole idea in that statement is that there are no sure things in baseball. To me, Michael Fulmer is the best bet we have on this slate, and behind him is Matt Shoemaker. Michael Pineda as always has huge upside in tournaments, but carries a significant risk.

The Padres are in a decent spot I think against Matt Garza. It isn’t too often that we want to bet on San Diego, but tonight that is a situation I won’t be afraid to do. The Tigers are also in a pretty fair spot against Ubaldo Jiminez. Off and on, though, Ubaldo can put up some good games and really frustrate you. Scott Feldman and German Marquez could also be potential targets on this slate.

Top Stacks

San Diego Padres [Schimpf/Solarte/Myers/Spangenberg]

Minnesota Twins [Vargas/Dozier/Sano/Kepler]


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