MLB DFS Picks for FanDuel and DraftKings – 5/10/17

Welcome to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s MLB Breakdown. These picks are what I consider to be the best play of the day, relative to their price. One of the most important things we must consider in daily fantasy is how many points a player gets per dollar. It helps us identify value plays to pair with studs that we know will produce in order to maximize our potential points in lineups. I also try to identify plays that can be used in either cash games or tournaments. Typically, when I build my cash games, I am looking for players that have the best floor combined with good upside. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know!

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Yu Darvish (20700/11200/10700) – It doesn’t get much better for a pitcher than to face the Padres. Yes, it is entirely possible that the stadium could affect the game a little to the negative, but it’s far less likely for the Padres than anyone else. Darvish is likely to be extremely popular, but should be someone that can come through with a big game for sure here.

Lance Lynn (16400/8900/8400) – After a rough start to the year, Lance Lynn has been a really solid pitcher as of late. He isn’t as cheap as he used to be, but he’s still an option for us to use in a really nice matchup. The Marlins can be a tough team to work over, but I think Lynn should be able to come through with some decent return tonight.

Jason Hammel (15200/6800/7600) – It’s always a risk to consider using Hammel, but this is a positive matchup tonight for him against a team in the Rays that can strike out at a pretty good clip. They can be frustrating to target against every now and again, but they also can give up some big games to pitcher.


Derek Norris (5400/2400/2800) – I know I just got saying that Hammel was a good option, and I still think that, but I could see someone like Norris getting ahold of him. His upside isn’t huge, but the catcher position can be difficult many times, so Norris makes a nice punt.

Alex Avila (6400/2900/3200) – Zack Godley is the type of pitcher we love to target: high fly ball and high hard contact. Alex Avila seems to have these monster games every once in awhile, and I want to grab some potential exposure to that tonight. The price is right for me.


Eric Thames (9000/4100/4600) – Kyle Kendrick isn’t exactly a good pitcher. We can’t really use this season against him, since it’s only one game. He is going to run into some problems with the lefties from the Brewers tonight, and Thames is just too good not to consider.

Matt Carpenter (7600/4500/4000) – We can use Tom Koehler’s season against him tonight, though. On the year, he’s allowed a .510 wOBA, 53.8% fly ball rate and 41.5% hard contact to lefties. Carpenter can be frustrating, but really who isn’t, so he’s someone I want exposure to in tournaments tonight.


Jonathan Villar (8000/3100/4100) – Villar has basically been as bad as possible to start the year, but there is still tournament upside here. We know he can connect with the long ball now and again, and even if he doesn’t do that, he’s a threat to steal if he manages to get on base. I’ll take that tonight.

Ryan Schimpf (7600/3000/3800) – Yeah, obviously this isn’t a good matchup. Strange things happen in baseball. I can pretty well guarantee that Schimpf will have almost no ownership against Darvish. Schimpf hits home runs, and just because he will have low ownership and he can go deep, I’ll have slight exposure.


Jose Ramirez (7500/3600/3800) – Francisco Liriano is one of the most enticing players to play against in baseball because of the fact that he can collapse and unwind and it gets bad. Ramirez is an excellent hitter who could certainly have a big night if that is the case with Liriano tonight.

Mike Moustakas (6900/3200/3500) – Archer is another guy who will probably be in more lineups than the hitters against him, but we know he’s prone to the mental unwind as well. He’s been pretty solid this year, so it is coming, and Mike Moustakas is the kind of player than can do it to you.


Corey Seager (9000/3500/4600) – Chad Kuhl vs. lefties: .498 wOBA, 50% fly ball rate and a 41.7% hard contact rate. Corey Seager vs. righties that aren’t good: really good. OK, I admit: my choice of wording was great, but you get the picture. Seager should be able to get over tonight.

Chris Owings (7200/3200/3700) – Matthew Boyd isn’t a horrible pitcher, but this is the wrong stadium and team to have problems with righties. The wOBA isn’t poor, but the fly ball and hard hit rates show a guy that can have some problems tonight. Owings is a nice hitter, and he should be considered in all formats.


A.J. Pollock (7800/4000/3900) – Pollock is another strong Diamondback we can consider tonight. He’s ben as promised to start the year off, and I could see him having another strong game tonight. The price is up there, but so is the upside.

Robbie Grossman (7200/3000/3600) – Early through the year, Derek Holland has done a good job on the mound, but when he falters, it is with righties. He’s giving up high fly ball and contact rates when he is getting hit, so I think we could grab some exposure to a guy like Grossman tonight.

Joc Pederson (7200/2900/3600) – I like Joc for the same reason I like Seager, but really, all of the Dodger bats are in play. The price is worth the upside Young Joc [when do we stop using this?] brings to the table, and I could see him going deep tonight.

Tyler Collins (5600/2600/2800) – Tyler Collins is a guy I like a lot because he tends to not see huge ownership, but can come together with some pretty nice games. I like stacking the Tigers today, and the cheaper the bat, the better.

Mangeuris Sierra (4800/2100/2500) – Sierra is getting playing time due to so many injuries in the Cardinals outfield. I’m willing to accept him at this bottom barrel price. I don’t think there is huge upside, but if the Cards get going and he is able to get on base, he cold end up with a few runs.

Slate Strategy

Wednesday is a smaller slate than we have been used to over the last few days, but it is still a solid slate for sure. We’ve got some strong pitching options, as well as places to go with hitters.

In addition to the pitchers I mentioned in the breakdown, we’ve got Chris Archer, Danny Salazar, Stephen Strasburg and Kenta Maeda, all of whom could come through with big games. I really like how the pitching sets up.

We also don’t have Coors on the night slate, which is a plus, and tends to make for more exciting options. Arizona would be one of the default options without Coors, but I think you could certainly end up grabbing a player here and a player there from several teams and having success.

Top Stacks

Detroit Tigers [Cabrera/Collins/Avila/Upton]

Los Angeles Dodgers [Seager/Pederson/Bellinger/Puig]

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