Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Tuesday baseball.

There are five extra games on today’s slate, as all teams except Colorado and Texas are on the slate. We’ve got options at all levels of pitching tonight, which always makes things fun. I’m intrigued to see how ownerships land tonight, as I see a lot of players that are in very good positions. It should be a high scoring slate, so better fire up some tournament lineups! Let’s make tonight a good one, as there are a number of great contests that are being offered on FanDuel. If you don’t have an account, use our link to sign up for FanDuel.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path. Also, make sure to check out our baseball research portal by clicking on this sentence.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


MAX SCHERZER – In all honesty, Scherzer makes me extremely uncomfortable in this matchup, as I just don’t like using pitchers against Cleveland. They are one of the best offenses in all of baseball, and I am still afraid to play against them even when they are on the road. Scherzer is unquestionably one of the top pitchers in all of baseball, and he has a nice strikeout rate, which gives him a big ceiling. With the matchup, thought, I just can’t advocate using him in cash games. In tournaments though, I think he is one of the best ways to go.

RICK PORCELLO – For my cash games, I will pay almost $3k less and settle with Porcello. He does not have nearly the ceiling as Scherzer, but he’s got a better matchup and I think it’s a better floor as well. He’s been very impressive this year, and he gets one of the top offenses in all of baseball to help him get the valuable win points. His opponent tonight, Luis Severino, has not exactly been the ace we thought he would develop into this year, so I like Porcello’s chances of getting the W.

KENTA MAEDA – It is always a common strategy to pick on teams like the Phillies and the Padres. Tonight, Maeda gets the matchup against the Phillies, and I think he’s in a good position to make the best of it. He’s a tournament only option, as he’s shown some inconsistencies after a very strong start to his career. I like his chances of getting the win and he should see nice innings and a half a dozen strikeouts or so.


WELLINGTON CASTILLO – At his price, and the fact that he is going against a lefty, I am expecting pretty high ownership in tournaments. I do think Matz is a good pitcher, but he is also going to give up some runs. Castillo has some good games under his belt lately, after a frigid couple of months that saw nothing happen for him.

ANTHONY RECKER – Welcome back, Wily Peralta! Even though you won me a five digit prize pool this very year, you are a very bad pitcher, and though the Braves aren’t a great hitting team, they can still do some damage against Peralta. Recker is dirt cheap, and doesn’t need to do a ton to pay his salary off.


ANTHONY RIZZO – Rizzo gets the benefit of a nice matchup against Jered Weaver on the night, and that makes him a guy we want to look at. I don’t know that I have to explain that Rizzo is a good hitter and Weaver is a poor pitcher, but that is the narrative here. I would expect Rizzo to be pretty highly owned and should put together a good game here.

CHRIS DAVIS – Chris Davis gets a matchup against Zachary Neal today, and it is one I fully expect him to take advantage of. He’s got big upside, and he plays on a team that should give him plenty of opportunities to put runs across the plate. He’s priced high enough that I think his ownership could be lower than expected in this game.


JOSE ALTUVE – Altuve is our top overall play today against Hector Santiago. He hits lefties at an amazing rate, and has been having such an amazing season. He is worth every penny in this contest, and will likely carry a high rate of ownership. I don’t mind building my teams around him tonight, he’s that good.

RYAN SCHIMPF – I’m sure by now, most of my readers just assume that the only second basemen I know are Schimpf and Devon Travis, as they’ve alternated positions in this article for about the last two weeks. Chad Kuhl is unlikely to go through this outing unscathed, and because of that, I want to get at least a little Padres ownership. Schimpf will be my guy for that.


DANNY VALENCIA – Valencia is our top overall third base play today as a result of getting to hit against left-handed Wade Miley. Valencia is having a very nice season, and is one of those guys I like to use against southpaws, as he is very good against them. He’s got great upside in this contest, and is cheap.

JOSH DONALDSON – Speaking of guys who like to hit lefties, let’s move on to Josh Donaldson. He’s quite a bit more expensive than Valencia, which is why he doesn’t get the top spot, but for tournaments, he is absolutely a guy you want facing off with Matt Moore. He’s capable of putting up the top score of the night each and every night, and this is a good night to pay up in tournaments.


COREY SEAGER – I’ll gladly pay up for a guy like Seager on a night like tonight. I do think Vincent Velasquez is a quality pitcher, and he very well could end up holding the Dodgers at bay. At the same time, I can see a situation where he lets the lefty bats get to him and a guy like Seager ends up crushing him out of the park a few times.

ADAM FRAZIER – Frazier is a guy who is on the same level as Schimpf and Travis to me. That means they just seem to get a lot of mention in these breakdowns. Frazier is very cheap, and this is a very good matchup against Luis Perdomo. It’s tough to say whether or not he’ll make the lineup, but he’s a nice punt option if he’s there.


STEPHEN PISCOTTY – Surprise! Piscotty gets mentioned two days in a row in this article as a result of having a plus matchup against a lefty. Brandon Finnegan is very beatable and I think loading up on Cardinals bats isn’t a bad idea. Piscotty is priced where he should be, and is an excellent option tonight.

JAKE SMOLINSKI – Smolinski is a platoon guy, but he’s in play if he is in the lineup against Hector Santiago tonight. I like his chances of having a big game at his price, and he’s always a threat to go deep. He’s not a big home run guy, but he’s got the power to do it, and this is a matchup where it is possible.

NELSON CRUZ – Guess what? Cruz is hitting against a lefty? That seems to be the theme of the article today. Daniel Norris is absolutely hittable, and Cruz is one of the games best when it comes to hitting left handed pitching. He’s going to cost you, but he has very high upside in this contest.

STARLING MARTE – Marte is in an excellent position tonight against Luis Perdomo, who has coughed up some pretty big outings this year. Marte not only has the ability to take Perdomo deep, but he’s also a threat to snag a bag when he gets on base. Yes, that’s a when, not an if.

MOOKIE BETTS – Betts has been playing some really good baseball lately, and this is another situation where he should find some luck. We’ve already discussed how Severino has struggled on the year, and we know how good Betts is. He’s very expensive, but he could win you a ton of money.