MLB DFS Picks – 8/26/16

Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Friday baseball.

We’ve got a long day of baseball ahead of us, so it should be fun. As usual, we have a variety of pitching options that we can choose at all levels, and a nice amount that we can target as well. This should make tournaments fun and diverse. I like what I saw as I started out my research today, and am looking forward to building some cash winning lineups! Let’s make tonight a good one, as there are a number of great contests that are being offered on FanDuel. If you don’t have an account, use our link to sign up for FanDuel.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path. Also, make sure to check out our baseball research portal by clicking on this sentence.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


COREY KLUBER – I would really love to suggest either Sale or Fernandez, but honestly, I don’t think I can. For one, Sale vs. Fernandez is difficult to call, and with the win being so important on FanDuel, I am just going to stay away. I think Kluber provides the best option that has good strikeout upside and a high chance for a win. He’s expensive, and the Rangers lineup is no joke, but I’ll take my chances even in cash games tonight.

GIO GONZALEZ – At this point in the year, Gio isn’t the most exciting guy to want to roster, but in tournaments, I don’t exactly dislike using him. He has decent strikeout upside, but also faces a Rockies team that has struggled against lefties on the road. I know that can be a lot to take in, but we’ve seen it over the last few years. He’s got a few guys he’ll have to get around to have a good night, but I think it could be done.

BRANDON FINNEGAN – You might be wondering why I am writing up a guy who is not the best pitcher in an atmosphere that is not conducive to good pitching. I think the answer for me is simple: he’s cheap with upside. We’ve seen Finnegan put together some decent scores as of late, and honestly, this Diamondbacks team has been guilty of giving up some big games to average pitchers in the past. I think in terms of tournament ownership, his should be relatively low, which does give you an advantage of he is able to put a nice game up. More over, you can build one heck of a team around him.


GARY SANCHEZ – Sanchez has been amazing this year. It is still a pretty small sample size, but ultimately, he does look ever bit the part of a top prospect, and a major part of the Yankees future. Tonight, he’ll get a winnable matchup against Yovani Gallardo, so for me, he is basically a plug and play at his price. Yes, it is expensive for a catcher, but he’s got crazy upside.

WELLINGTON CASTILLO – Literally, two spots up, I mentioned the pitcher in this contest, so you know it’s going to be a bit of a wild night. Castillo has warmed up after a laughable first half of the season, and is very good at hitting left-handed pitching. I don’t love him in cash games, but he makes a nice tournament option.


ANTHONY RIZZO – Rizzo makes a very nice play today against a pitcher in Bud Norris who just has not been able to handle left-handed hitters this year. He is priced under $4k, which is something we always like to see in Rizzo. He hasn’t put up a huge game lately, but he’s been pretty good. I think him in either format.

JOEY VOTTO – Votto is having a much, much better second half than first, and he gets a really nice matchup today against Braden Shipley. My fear with this game is that it ends up being either really low scoring or really high scoring, and I can’t get a good feeling on which way I’m leaning. Votto makes a great play either way.


BRIAN DOZIER – Dozier is my top overall play of the day. What you have with him is a guy who has been hitting extremely well and putting up some monster outings going against a pitcher who has been giving them up this year. He’s going to cost you, but I think he is well worth it in any format tonight.

RYAN SCHIMPF – There is no hiding the fact that Schimpf is one of my favorite daily fantasy plays. He is only tournament playable, but he can put up some big fantasy performances, and he is priced extremely fairly. Phleps has been OK this year for Miami, but I think he is hittable, and I expect Schimpf to take advtange of that.


WILMER FLORES – We mentioned Flores a few nights ago and he gave us a nice three run home run in his first at bat. For me, I am only comfortable using Flores in tournaments, but the matchup is very good against Adam Morgan tonight. He’s very cheap, and he makes a nice play with some pretty good upside in this contest.

JOSH DONALDSON – Donaldson is always in play when he is going up against a low-tier left-hander. Well, that is exactly what I would classify Pat Dean as. Donaldson took another one out of the park last night, and there is no question that we could see something like that happen again with relative ease.


DANNY ESPINOSA – Jeff Hoffman is going to have some problems with the left-handed hitters on the Nationals, and Espinosa is my favorite of the bunch. He’s got legit power and always seems to go overlooked in DFS. He’s not exactly cheap, which makes me like him just a little less, but this should still be a nice matchup for him.

TROY TULOWITZKI – Tulo is always a nice tournament play, especially when he is in a matchup like this against Pat Dean. Tulo gives you a slight savings to Espinosa, but the matchups are equally as attractive. I will have a reasonable amount of Tulo in my contests tonight.


JUSTIN RUGGIANO – Ruggiano has been doing exceedingly well when he gets playing time. It is something that will level out in time, but for now, I’ll gladly pay his price and get the production he’s been giving. Adam Morgan is going to have a tough time with the right-handed bats on this team, and Ruggiano is one of my favorites.

BRYCE HARPER – Harper has been turning his play around as of late after struggling for most of the first half of the season. He’s going to outclass Hoffman considerably, and he is just way too cheap on FanDuel at just $3.9k for this matchup. He could easily be the highest scoring player of the night.

YOENIS CESPEDES – Basically, we’ve broken down the three hitters on this Mets lineup that could really give Adam Morgan some issues. Cespedes is easily the most talented of all of these guys, but also the most expensive. He makes a nice cash game play if you can fit him, and also carries tournament upside as well.

STEPHEN PISCOTTY – Piscotty is swinging a hot stick right now, and more than anything, he makes this list due to his matchup against a low-tier righty in Ross Detwiler. His price is extremely fair in this matchup, and he carries a great deal of upside. He is playable in either format.

AARON JUDGE – Judge hasn’t been as hot as teammate Gary Sanchez, but he is still doing alright. I know that isn’t a ringing endorsement, but I am more interested in this matchup against Yovani Gollardo than semantics about his start. He’s priced pretty fairly, and I think he carries good tournament upside here.