MLB DFS PICKS – 8/24/16

Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Wednesday baseball.

We’ve got a long day of baseball ahead of us, so it should be fun. As usual, we have a variety of pitching options that we can choose at all levels, and a nice amount that we can target as well. This should make tournaments fun and diverse. I like what I saw as I started out my research today, and am looking forward to building some cash winning lineups! Let’s make tonight a good one, as there are a number of great contests that are being offered on FanDuel. If you don’t have an account, use our link to sign up for FanDuel.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path. Also, make sure to check out our baseball research portal by clicking on this sentence.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


JOSE FERNANDEZ – Normally, Fernandez at home is just an absolute lock. Today might not be the case for some people. His last four outings haven’t exactly gone very well, and a few of them were against some pretty basic competition. He will be back at his home ballpark, where he has been absolutely masterful throughout his career. I am looking at his recent outings as a hiccup, and I think he will see him spin a nice game tonight, even if it is against the reigning World Series Champion Kansas City Royals.

YU DARVISH – Unquestionably, Darvish is the easy choice for cash games tonight. He has been absolutely masterful, and gets a very nice matchup against the Cincinnati Reds tonight. He finally eclipsed the 50-point mark in his last outing, and that saw his price go over $10k. The price is right, the matchup is good and it feels easy for me to put him into my cash games and a lot of my tournaments and not think twice.

JAMES SHIELDS – Yes, you read this right. Shields has been an absolute train wreck this season, but so have the Padres. It is never fun to suggest using Shields, but his price is very, very low and there is definitely some upside in this contest. He, at one point, was a good pitcher, so there is definitely an opportunity here for him to put up a nice score. I don’t know where his ownership will end up, but I’d imagine it will be low, making him an excellent punt at the pitcher position.


GARY SANCHEZ – Sanchez has finally seen his price head over the $3k mark on FanDuel. I’m sure we’ve seen the last of him under that mark. I wrote him up against Iwakuma yesterday, but Hishashi got his start pushed back a day, so that is why he lands back in this spot today. He’s hitting well and deserves mention.

WILSON RAMOS – Ramos is excellent against left-handed hitting, and gets a very hittable one today in Wade Miley. He’s having an awesome season, and it should continue tonight. This will be exciting to watch, as Miley has been a train wreck at times this year, and Ramos is one of the best hitting catchers in baseball.


MIGUEL CABRERA – Strangely, Cabrera has not made it into any of our breakdowns this year, but always seems to perform pretty well when he’s here. Tonight, he gets Tyler Duffey, in a matchup that just isn’t fair at all to Duffey. This could get ugly, and ugly fast. Miggy is my top overall player of the day.

MITCH MORELAND – If you are looking for a tournament play at the position, I think there is some upside to Mitch Moreland. He’s got a positive park situation playing in Great American Ballpark, and gets to face a righty in Tim Adleman. He’s done well this year, but I think he can still get hit, and I expect Moreland to do it tonight.


BEN ZOBRIST – Zobrist is another guy that doesn’t see too much time in our breakdowns, but this is a really good matchup for him today against Paul Clemens. There is no question that this Cubs offense is potent, and if they get rolling, it is pretty tough to shut them down. I think the Cubs, and Zobrist in particular, are in a good spot tonight.

ROUGNED ODOR – Rougned Odor has 23 home runs this season. 23! That baffles me, but he is having such a strong year that I felt like I needed to mention it. I’ve already mentioned that I think Tim Adleman is hittable in this contest, and I look specifically to the lefties to do the damage. Odor could be in for a big night.


KRIS BRYANT – Kris Bryant has been money lately, and it is tough to look past this matchup this afternoon against Paul Clemens. His upside in this is absolutely crazy to think about, and Bryant is one of the few players in baseball that can eclipse that 50-point mark. I’m not saying he will, but I’m saying he can. Either way, this is an excellent situation for him tonight.

ANTHONY RENDON – Rendon has been absolutely surging over the second half of the season, and I expect things to continue against Wade Miley tonight. He’s priced right about at the top where I feel comfortable paying for him, and I think this Nationals team should be able to put together a big game.


FRANCISCO LINDOR – Lindor is in a nice spot tonight against Kendall Graveman. It is worth noting that Graveman has been improving as a pitcher, but this Indians lineup is a tough one to get around. Lindor is priced in a good position to allow you to build well around him, so he’ll get my nod at top play at the position tonight.

ORLANDO ARCIA – This is more of a gut pick than anything else, but I like this matchup for Arcia today. He hasn’t done well in the big leagues yet, but it will come. Tyler Anderson is a good pitcher, but I do think the Brewers will be able to get to him, as they are actually pretty good at hitting left-handed pitching.


JAYSON WERTH – It’s not surprise to me that we are finding Werth on this list today. He excels at hitting bottom-tier lefties, and that is where Wade Miley is at right now. He’s reasonably priced, and I think he makes for a nice tournament play, considering he does post a dud more often than we’d like.

J.D. MARTINEZ – Martinez has just been so good since coming off the disabled list, and there is no way I can imagine Tyler Duffey being able to do anything to slow him down tonight. He makes an excellent play in both formats, but he will cost you. I still feel like we are getting at least a small discount on him right now.

AARON JUDGE – I love when we can find guys in good matchups priced under where they should be. Judge has been good since coming up. While not Gary Sanchez good, it has still been a good start. I think Iwakuma is going to find some issues with this lineup, and Judge is a nice exposure to this lineup.

CHRISTIAN YELICH – Yelich is another guy having a very good year, and he gets an excellent matchup against Dillon Gee tonight. Gee has problems with left-handed hitters, and Yelich is one of the best in the game. He should be in for a pretty big night, as I like these Marlins to put some runs up on the board.

RYAN BRAUN – Braun has to make it on the list when we are talking about the Brewers facing a lefty. He has been predictably awesome this year, and I just can’t imagine how Tyler Anderson is going to stop that. He has one of the top upsides today, and should be an anchor for your early lineups.