Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Tuesday baseball.

Last night we got our small slate, tonight it will be back to the big dogs as we get a full slate with lots of options. We’ve got some top pitching options tonight, and a game in Coors, which always makes tournaments a little more fun. I think there are some pretty nice options outside of Coors as well, so we should be in for a high scoring night. Let’s make tonight a good one, as there are a number of great contests that are being offered on FanDuel. If you don’t have an account, use our link to sign up for FanDuel.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path. Also, make sure to check out our baseball research portal by clicking on this sentence.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


JOSE FERNANDEZ – It was a tough choice for me at the top, but I feel like we are going to see Fernandez bounce back from his last outing. Before that game, Fernandez had only lost one time at home. He was virtually a plug and play each time he took the mound at home. Well, that came to a screeching halt, as the Cardinals certainly had his number, and took a few out of the park, while put up some runs against him. The Cubs are another potent offense, but Fernandez did just shut them down a few weeks ago. It was a home matchup, but Fernandez is among the elite in baseball. His strikeout rate is very high, and this is still a Cubs team that will whiff.

ZACH DAVIES – Let’s talk Zach Davies. Over his last ten outings, he has a 4-point outing. The other 9 outings? No lower than 33. For someone who is priced under $8k, that is remarkable consistency. He was in the 40’s three times, the 50’s once and the 60’s once. He’s got very good upside in this matchup with the Padres tonight, and should certainly be your top target in tournaments. He absolutely does not have the ceiling of Fernandez, but I would not be shocked at all if he was the top point per dollar play tonight.

JON GRAY – If you really want to take a risk in your tournament lineups, I really like Jon Gray tonight. He is priced at $7.1k, and even though he is pitching in Coors, is still pitching against a Dodgers lineup that has struggled against righties in the past. He has shown pretty good consistency at home, as well, which is encouraging considering the surroundings. If he is able to have his stuff going, I think he is capable of putting together a game between 35-45 points, and it will be done with very low ownership. If a lot of the other popular pitching options fail, he could be what takes you to the top.


WILSON RAMOS – Ramos is in a great situation tonight, against Robbie Ray and the Diamondbacks. While Ray has been a better than expected this year, let’s not go too far out of the way to convince ourselves that he is a shut down pitcher. He’s going to give up some runs, and Ramos could be the guy that delivers. He’s hit well against southpaws this year, and I don’t see any reason he can’t have a good game tonight.

JETT BANDY – Bandy looks to have fallen back into a situation where he is splitting duties with Carlos Perez, which is unfortunate. He’s been pretty good when given the opportunity, and a matchup with Sean Manaea would qualify as that. If he gets in the lineup, he is priced almost at minimum price and could easily allow you to load up around him.


HANLEY RAMIREZ – Hanley has been really down, for the most part, lately, aside from two monster performances, but this is certainly an opportunity for him to bounce back. I expect the Red Sox to be able to pick on Wade LeBlanc pretty heavily, and Ramirez could be the one that does the most damage. He’s priced well and will hit in the heart of the order. This will probably not be the last Red Sox bat you see on this list.

MIGUEL CABRERA – Miggy seems to, for the most part, have put his cold streak behind him, putting together some really strong games, capped off with a monster 50-point performance on Sunday. Tonight, he gets James Shields, which can always be fun for hitters. He is still not close to a fair price considering his recent production, and will likely be highly owned in all formats tonight.


JOSE ALTUVE – Altuve hasn’t hit R.A. Dickey tremendously well in his career – just a .200 average – but aside from that, this lines up well for him. I tend to rely a little more on BvP when discussing knuckle-ballers, but the fact that the rest of the team hits him so well makes me look past this poor average. If he is hitting with guys on base, assuming he makes contact, even long fly balls have a better chance of translating into points for him. He is expensive, but he does carry some very legit upside in this contest.

RYAN SCHIMPF – If you are stuck on a top pitcher and grabbing some Coors bats, Schimpf is an excellent tournament play. While I do like Zach Davies a lot tonight, I think there is certainly the potential that someone will take one out of the park on him. If I had to guess, it would be Schimpf, who is our #1 MLB Bomb Squad ranking tonight. He’s still priced very nicely considering his upside.


NICK CASTELLANOS – Let’s just keep the picking on James Shields train going and talk about Castellanos. Big Nick is a guy I love in a situation like this, as he can knock the ball around the park and do so much to earn fantasy points. I feel like I’ve seen him almost cycle a handful of times this year, with the single often being the missing piece. I think he could certainly be a candidate to take one deep tonight.

HERNAN PEREZ – Perez has been having a good little streak for himself. While I definitely look to use him more against left-handed pitching, I don’t mind using him against a weak righty here in Perdomo. This Brewers team certainly could end up putting together some runs and if they do, Perez is a good bet to be involved.


XANDER BOGAERTS – It wouldn’t be right to talk about Red Sox against a lefty and not mention Bogaerts, who has been a thorn in a side to them all year. I think tonight should be no different, and he should be able to dominate this matchup. He’s a great bet to make value, though his price has finally returned closer to the $4k mark after being severely underpriced for a few weeks.

ADAM FRAZIER – This is total speculation, as I have no idea if he will play, but if he does, he makes an excellent punt against Mike Foltynewicz. Unless you are playing MLB DFS for the first time, you will know that Folty can’t hold it together against left-handed batters, and Frazier has shown in his limited time in the majors that he is able to hit the ball well. He will likely be under-owned tonight, and makes for a fine tournament option.


JAYSON WERTH – Just like Ramos, Werth has hit lefties very well this year. Robbie Ray is going to have his work cut out for him in this matchup tonight, as I think there are a few bats that are going to be able to hit him around. Consider Werth a very good tournament play on the night, as I just think there is still too much volatility with him to be used in cash.

MATT JOYCE – Joyce is quietly having a very nice season for the Pirates this year, and gets the excellent matchup against Folty that we talked about above. He, like Frazier, is uncertain to be playing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the Bucs made a concerted effort to play off of his weaknesses. He is too cheap at $2.3k to pass up in either format.

TYLER NAQUIN – Naquin continues to put together strong performance after strong performance, and gets another great opportunity to do it again tonight against Kyle Gibson. The Indians are always one of the best tournament offenses to target, and Naquin is one of the core pieces to any stack. He’s priced in a sweet spot where I think he will see good ownership tonight.

RYAN BRAUN – Braun was scratched last night, so be on the lookout for news regarding his status today. If he plays, he very well may be my play of the day against Luis Perdomo. Prior to his woes, Braun was hitting the ball very well, and had a nice streak of eclipsing double-digit points. He’s always a long ball threat as well, and makes for a great play in either format tonight.

CHRISTIAN YELICH – Yelich is still hitting the ball very well on the year, and gets to face off against Jason Hammel tonight. Hammel has given up some big outings, but for the most part has been a fairly solid pitcher. Still, I think he could find himself in trouble with some of these Marlins bats, and if I had to guess which one would cause him the most woe, it would be Yelich.