Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Wednesday baseball.

The slates are going to be split up today, with a nice slate taking place during the day, as well as another at night. As always, there are some nice pitching options, as well as some spots for us to pick on pitchers. We also have a game in Coors today, and I think there is going to be a popular strategy with that.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


MAX SCHERZER– Scherzer is unquestionably one of the most maddening pitchers in baseball. If he faces a team that is scoring ten runs a game, he’ll shut them down and strikeout twenty. If the matchup lines up well, he’ll give up five runs and get ten strikeouts and lose the game. He will probably be the most popular cash game pitcher tonight, and I am not disagreeing. His talent is some of the best in the game. The Mets are a team we’d rather target with a left-hander, but honestly, it doesn’t matter with Scherzer. He’s my top pitcher of the day.

MASAHIRO TANAKA – This guy is basically the least sexy pick every time he plays. He is not a high strikeout pitcher, but he also isn’t likely to get blown up too much. I think he is a safe bet on a day where really there are not too many safe bets. IF you are unsure on Scherzer, which I wouldn’t understand way, I think Tanaka can make a fair play, even despite the fact that the Rangers are a good offense.

ARCHIE BRADLEY – This is a route I expect many to go with on the early slate. Bradley has been a pretty decent pitcher lately, and is actually capable of having a high strikeout total. In my opinion, outside of Greinke, Bradley very well might be the best pitcher on the Diamondback staff, and he is so cheap on a day where it will be needed to get the Coors bats into your lineup. There is an argument that it isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you feel it is, you will need Bradley. I’ve made it this far without even mentioning that fact that the Phillies are still not a good offense. To me, this lines up to be the route I am going to want to go in my tournament lineups for sure.


WILLSON CONTRERAS – Contreras will likely not come off of this list until his price is over 3.5k. I know he hasn’t gotten into double digits too much, except for the games where he hits home runs, and I get that. He is a guy who is going to round into form and will be one of the best offensive catchers in baseball. Cody Reed is still about a year away from being effective, making the Cubs an offense to target again.

JETT BANDY – Bandy makes a nice start against Dallas Keuchel tonight. Keucherl has struggled with right-handed hitters thus far this year, and I think Bandy makes for an interesting punt play at minimum price who could put a decent game together. I think it is tough to expect home runs from him, but he can also chip away at the rotation with singles.


PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT – Even with Encarnacion at 5.6k today, I expect people to target him. I am not necessarily saying that is wrong, as the matchup is there, and he should have a huge game. You can put him with Bradley and still have 3.2k left to spend per player, which is quite amazing. Goldschmidt has an even better matchup against Pat Eflin, who is not ready to show down with someone like Goldy. He is one of the first players I want in my lineup and should have a huge outing today.

BRANDON MOSS – Edinson Volque is always a melt down candidate, so I really like trying to use some of these Cardinal bats today. Moss is a guy who I don’t use very much, but I really like how this matches up for him tonight. He will almost assuredly be very low owned, which will benefit you greatly in your tournament lineups.


ROBINSON CANO – It took me a second to find Cano in the second base listing, as his price has fallen a pretty ridiculous amount. He hasn’t done anything flashy or spectacular in awhile, but he is still a very talented hitter, and while Tailon is going to be a great pitcher, he has hit a bit of a wall in his past two starts. I think Cano will be able to take advantage of him tonight and should have a nice outing for the pric.e

SCOOTER GENNETT – The Dodgers are slated to start Carlos Frias tonight, meaning I definitely want to look into using Gennett. He is at his best when all eyes are looking away from him, which I think will happen tonight. He is one of my favorite players in DFS and I think he could have a nice showing again tonight.


KRIS BRYANT – As I am writing this, Bryant is awaiting his third at bat on the evening. He has done nothing thus far, which is surprising against John Lamb, who got very good for this start. As hard as it might be to believe, Reed is probably worse than Lamb, and that makes Bryant a strong play tonight. Unless you’ve got short term memory loss, I don’t have to tell you how good he is.

JOSE RAMIREZ – Who would have thought at the start of the MLB season that we would be talking about Ramirez as being one of the best, most consistent players in DFS? I would not have, but I am happy to see it. He is a scrappy player who hustles hard and makes things work for him. The Braves will be starting Casey Kelly who has been poor on the season, in both Triple A and the big leagues. I like Ramirez to bolster this lineup on another night where an Indians stack is likely to be a winner.


XANDER BOGAERTS– I would be remiss if I came across Bogaerts against lefty and didn’t talk about it. Matt Moore has not been good at all against right-handed hitters, and it is tough to imagine that it will stop today. I expect Xander to have a very strong outing in this one, and his price has fallen quite a bit so that he is an absolutely bargain in this mtchup.

JAVIER BAEZ– I’m writing this as Baez is squaring off for the third time against John Lamb, and each time he has shown poor plate discipline. It makes me seriously question even considering him today, but I will anyway, as everything I look for when making picks sets up well for Baez. With he an Xander so close in price, it is very likely that I will not be using him much, but I don’t blame you if you do.


MARCELL OZUNA – Ozuna is a guy I always look to target when he is going against a lefty. Tonight, he will get Daniel Norris. Ozuna has a very good year going, and should be on your short list of targets in this matchup tonight.

BRETT GARDNER– The Yankees drive me crazy to no end. Regardless of that, this is a good matchup for them, going against Nick Martinez. Gardner has hit righties well this year, and I think he is a good bet to get on base tonight. It hasn’t been a stellar year for them, but at some point, they will turn it around and make us believers again.

MIKE TROUT – Trout is just going through one of those weeks where he is proving night in and night out that he is Mike Trout. By that I mean he is one of the best players in the league. For whatever reason, his price fell, so we are getting him at an ever so slight discount. He is going to be my top cash game play tonight.

GIANCARLO STANTON – Stanton is certainly turning his play around in a big way, as he as put together a series of good games, after going what feels like was an entire month and a half where he just couldn’t get going. His price hasn’t fully rebounded, but I am expecting another big game from him tonight.

TYLER NAQUIN – Naquin is another guy I am targeting in this Indians stack I will build tonight. He is sitting in a good position, where he should see four at bats. He should be able to nail some extra base hits and get across the plate, making him an excellent play on the night.