Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Monday baseball.

This should be an interesting slate, as we’ve got some top pitchers, as well as Coors to dive into. What makes Coors even more interesting is a dynamic offense in Toronto being the opponent. The prices on the hitters are extremely high, and rightfully so, but this will make lineup construction very interesting. Normally, I don’t view Coors as an absolute must, but the Toronto bats certainly have me rethinking that position.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


JAKE ARRIETA– Arrieta is play one on the day. While the game is in a better hitter’s park, the Reds are still an uninspiring offense. Heck, they only managed three runs against Luis Perdomo [side note: I don’t think Perdomo is as bad as he is made out to be]. Though he’s had some rough situations here and there, I think the fact that he’s going against the Reds is what makes me feel so comfortable about suggesting the reigning Cy Young award winner.

TREVOR BAUER – I don’t think I’d blame you if you went the route of Syndergaard, but I am not a fan of taking him away from home, though the Nationals are such a hit and miss offense that he can certainly be considered in tournaments. I don’t like to target righties against the Braves, but there is certainly a chance I could do that tonight. Bauer looks much more comfortable on the mound. He is the kind of pitcher who can definitely rack of the strikeouts, and is still priced as a value compared to whathis output is.

DANIEL MENGDEN – So, this is a name that certainly doesn’t look like it belongs, but hear me out. He’s started out his major league career on a good note, though he hasn’t picked up a win yet. He’s likely to go about six innings, and come up with 6-8 strikeouts, as well as giving up a few runs. This is probably a bold call from me today, but I genuinely do not buy Samardzija as being a quality pitcher, and I believe the A’s will tear him up tonight. If they can, and Mengden pitches like I’ve mentioned, you are looking at a guy who could grab you 45 points for just over $7k. If you want to put some bats from Coors in, this is the place to go.


CAMERON RUPP – Rupp has been tearing the leather off the baseball on this Phillies roadtrip, and gets a great hitting environment in Chase Field. Robbie Ray has been good at times, but he still struggles enough with right handed bats that it gives me no pause in putting Rupp in my lineup. Because of the location of the game, there is a good chance he will go a little higher owned, but he should be absolutely worth it.

CHRIS HERMANN – I like the other side of this game too, though I think this is less likely to occur. It is tough to say. Hermann has been the clearly superior offensive catcher on this team to start the year, but it is likely that Castillo will be in the lineup today. Vincent Velasquez can be tough, but he is struggling with lefties, and this just is not the atmosphere you want to struggle with a guy like Hermann in.


BRANDON BELT – I know I did just make this big plea for playing Daniel Mengden, but I also did indicate that I think he is likely to give some runs up. I think Belt probably looks to be the best bet as to where those runs will come from. I’ve liked Belt over the last couple of days, and he hasn’t come through, but this is still a pretty nice matchup for him.

JAMES LONEY – If you want to go far riskier, you could look at James Loney, who is prone to having a big game every now and then. Joe Ross is a good pitcher, but he has struggled on the year against lefties. If you are trying to fit Arrieta or Thor in, I think there is a good chance that Loney could end up with an extra base hit and a run scored.


LOGAN FORSYTHE – Forsythe is a guy you want to look at every time a lefty is on the mound, and basically anytime a non-elite pitcher is dealing. Eduardo Rodriguez is not a name that should strike fear in your heart in daily fantasy, and Forsythe is in a great position to have a nice day. He’s got some pop in his bat, and even though he hasn’t been fully consistent as of late, I think this is a series he can turn it around.

JASON KIPNIS – Kipnis sat the game out Sunday due to an illness, so make sure he is a full go before plugging him in. John Gant is a guy who has limited time in the big’s, but it hasn’t been spectacular. The Indians are one of the most exciting offenses in all of baseball, and using them against Gant will likely be a successful endeavor tonight.

NOTE: D.J. LeMahieu left the game with a knee injury today. It is possible that he misses Monday’s game. Ideally, Christian Adames would be the replacement, and makes a terrific bargain at $2,400.


EVAN LONGORIA – Longoria is in the midst of a very good year, and it should continue tonight against Rodriguez. The Rays righties will all be in play, but Longoria and Forsythe are going to be the two I am focusing on the most. He could go overlooked tonight because of other top tier third basemen priced nearby, but he is probably the most solid play outside of Donaldson.

JAKE LAMB – There is no denying that Lamb is swinging a hot bat, and I look for things to continue tonight against Velasquez. The Diamondbacks are definitely a team to look at as the Phillies roll in to town, and they sure looked good in the series against the Rockies. Ownership at third base should be very interesting due to so much quality in good matchups tonight.


XANDER BOGAERTS– The Red Sox have basically been disappointing, which isn’t surprising, as whenever the industry touts them, they crash and burn. I think they will let up on the Sox a bit tonight as Snell hasn’t be horrible this year. He’s young, and he’s got a ton of talent, but it isn’t going to translate quite yet. I especially like Bogaerts tonight, who should be lower owned a bit due to high priced pitching options and Coors on the slate.

CRISTHIAN ADAMES– This play is totally speculative, but Adames could play if DJ cannot. This is one of those situations where he becomes a free square, as he is $2,400 and playing in Coors. If he doesn’t play, Taylor Motter makes for a decent pivot at the same price point in a plus matchup on the night.


YASMANY TOMAS – In case you haven’t caught on yet, I really like this game tonight. This game could conceivably outscore Coors. This stadium will not help the pitching in the game at all, and Tomas is a guy who is a threat to knock one out of the park each time he takes the plate. He isn’t my favorite in this game, but it is still a strong tournament play.

STEPHEN PISCOTTY– Piscotty sure has been getting a lot of lefties lately. Today, it will be Danny Duffy, who has been pitching pretty well as of late. We always want to look for matchups to take advantage of, and in this game, this is probably the best option to produce some solid fantasy points.

TYLER NAQUIN – Naquin is another Cleveland option to use if you want to attack John Gant, which I think you should Naquin has been strong since his return from the minor leagues, and should be a focus of your lineup in the outfield. I highly doubt he won’t be in the lineup, so you should be safe playing him.

IAN DESMOND – Desmond is a guy who will almost certainly go overlooked tonight, as he is priced with all the high priced outfields, some of which are in Coors. He gets a great matchup at Yankee Stadium with Ivan Nova, and I can easily see a situation where he performs the best out of all the outfielders tonight. It doesn’t hurt that he is extremely consistent, too.

KOLE CALHOUN – The Angels will welcome Houston to Anaheim tonight, and Colin McHugh will be on the mound. Calhoun is a strong guy who can get the ball to go deep, which results in a lot of extra base hits. I expect him to have a nice showing tonight, and he is someone who will be in a number of my tournament lineups.