Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Wednesday baseball.

We end up with two nice slates of baseball on Wednesday, which is fine by me, as I will gladly watch it while I am at work. We’ve got a good mix of pitching to use and pick on, which should make for a great slate for both cash games and tournaments.

Today, we will break everything down position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


NOAH SYNDERGAARD– In some ways, I am happy that Syndergaard got moved to Wednesday, as I was really having a tough time deciding between he and Fernandez yesterday. I do not feel the same way about Thor and Arrieta. I think Arrieta is a fine choice, but Kansas City looked uninspired against Bartolo and if they come with the same approach tonight, Thor should be in for a big outing. Much like Fernandez, I prefer to run him out when he is at home, and he is tonight.

MATT SHOEMAKER – The Astros are a true boom and bust play, they can also strike out a fair amount. Shoemaker can strike batters out. Do you follow the trend here? Surely, we’d feel better about using him if he was on his home turf, but I am not going to shy away from using Shoemaker in my tournament lineups, as he is priced nicely with good upside in this matchup.

CC SABATHIA – There are a few things certain in life: death, taxes and playing lefties against the Rockies when they are on the road. I know we are going to eventually hit a brick wall with CC, but tonight, everything lines up right for him. The Rockies may scare some away from CC because of the back to back strong offensive games, but he still possesses enough talent that it can be a major problem for the Rockies’ hitters. I am going to have a fair share of him in my tournaments.


BUSTER POSEY – Posey is pretty much always one of the top cash game catchers when he is in the lineup, and tonight is no different. Francisco Liriano can be on, but for the most part, this is a matchup that Posey should be able to take advantage of. He is very expensive, so it is tough to use him unless you think he’s going to have a huge game, but if he does, that will probably set your lineup apart.

WELLINGTON CASTILLO – Castillo has still been struggling at the plate, but he is always a good tournament option against a lefty. J.A. Happ hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire with his play, which makes Castillo a nice option. There will be runs scored in this series and Castillo has a good shot at being a part of them.


CHRIS DAVIS– Edwin and Goldschmidt are both in very good matchups as well, but I want to focus on Davis here. Erik Johnson has not been on point at all this season, and this is something we want to take advantage of. Davis is always a threat for a huge game, and while I have a hard time even considering him in my cash games, he makes a nice tournament play.

BRANDON BELT – I don’t necessarily want it to seem like I am picking on Liriano, but Belt makes an excellent play tonight for tournaments for a few reasons. First, he is always perpetually under-owned. Second, he is priced high enough that players are likely to go another route for the money. Third, he is a lefty on lefty matchup, which will throw some off of him. That is fine with me. He has hit lefties well on the year, and makes for a very nice, low owned tournament play.


BRIAN DOZIER –Dozier is always in play when a lefty is on the mound, and unquestionably Adam Morgan is a bad lefty. Dozier has the ability to rack up points, and he can hit for power too. After a very slow start to the year, he has finally turned on the jets and is starting to round into the form we remember him being in last year. The price is fine by me for this matchup, and is definitely someone you should look into tonight.

JURICKSON PROFAR – Profar didn’t disappoint last night, as he cracked a two run homer in his first at bat. The matchup is good again tonight, so he is someone I certainly want to look into. He is an excellent cash game play, with enough upside that he could certainly make sense for tournaments as well.


JOSH DONALDSON – Donaldson is basically the lock when he gets to face a lefty. Robbie Ray hasn’t been awful on the year, but he certainly hasn’t been great either. He is a pitcher with an offense like Toronto that I do not mind picking on at all, and Donaldson will be high on my list of targets in cash games and tournaments as well.

ANTHONY RENDON – Rendon will likely be overlooked because of the stadium and quite possibly the pitcher as well. We’ve heard about the legend of Julio Urias, and while he is a great prospect, he is still cutting his teeth in the league. I like to target Rendon when he is facing off against lefties, and this provides an excellent opportunity for that tonight.


XANDER BOGAERTS– Bogaerts will face off against Jose Quintana. While Quintana has been mostly good on the year, I don’t shy away from using talented hitters against him. That’s where Bogaerts comes in. Despite a perceived difficult matchup, I actually expect Bogaerts to be reasonably owned, which takes some of the appeal off of him, but at the same time, I don’t mind the security that he usually brings to the table.

GREGORIO PETIT– Petit is strictly a tournament play, but I think this is a good matchup for him against his former team. I am not looking at this as a revenge game or anything, but McCullers is a pitcher that can be picked on. Petit isn’t known as a power hitter, but he could still have a big game in a good matchup here.


ADAM EATON – Eaton will be another one of those plays that are overlooked because of the fact that he is in a lefty-lefty matchup and it will scare players off. Eaton has not only been good against lefties, but Rodriguez has been bad against lefties. This sets up perfectly for tournament play, as you can get a guy at a reasonable price with some upside and low ownership.

ADAM JONES– Jones is another Oriole we will look to target against a bad pitcher in Erik Johnson. Jones is doing well batting leadoff, and should be able to get this game started off well for the Orioles. I am expecting a pretty nice outing from the Orioles again, and it will not surprise me if Jones has the biggest night of all.

PETER OBRIEN – O’Brien is strictly just a tournament option, as his floor is the golden sombrero. I expect some fireworks in this game tonight, and after going deep four times in his first week in the majors, we have to have confidence that in the right matchup, O’Brien can do big things. Happ isn’t a horrible pitcher, but he is one that I will be picking on tonight.

CHRIS YOUNG – Chris Young didn’t get the job done against Chris Sale, which isn’t that surprising, but gets another shot against a lefty tonight. Quintana could very easily let one slip and Young has all the tools to make him pay. He’s a tournament play only, but it has some upside.

YOENIS CESPEDES – Cespedes is one of the better plays at the position against Danny Duffy, who hasn’t been a horrible pitcher this year. This is a situation where we aren’t necessarily looking at Duffy, but rather the skill of Cespedes. He should be a good bet for a nice game, and will be one of my top targets tonight.