Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Monday night baseball.

Today is yet another busy day, so instead of game by game breakdowns, I will be favoring position by position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


CLAYTON KERSHAW – Kershaw is pitching against the Reds. The Reds are not a great hitting team, and they will be traveling cross country to take on Kershaw. I don’t need to make a defense for Kershaw. The only issue is the Dodgers offense coming off a 17 inning game last night. Still, the two guys I really like didn’t play, so I think Kershaw will see the offense to back him up.

JOHNNY CUETO – I actually would have gone with Cueto here, against the Padres who are as well coming off that long game yesterday. I can’t go all in with Cueto because he faces tougher pitching competition in Drew Pomeranz. Still, I think the likelihood of a good outing are there, and he should pick up the win.

TAIJUAN WALKER – The Athletics are very injured right now, and what is left isn’t exactly hitting overly well. Walker is a good pitcher in a pitcher’s park tonight, and makes a good tournament play in my opinion. I don’t think he’ll challenge Cueto/Kershaw on overall points, but he could exceed them from a points per dollar perspective.


DIONER NAVARRO – I initially had Posey here, but just can’t do it. Navaro is going against a pitcher much worse than Posey’s opponent. He is more expensive that I like, but he has a good chance of exceeding the 10 point mark tonight, with pretty good upside.

CARLOS RUIZ – I am going to target Mike Pelfrey a lot tonight. He is not a good pitcher, and I think the Phillies will take full advantage of that. There are a lot of cheap plays for the Phillies tonight that make Kershaw easier to fit in.


ERIC HOSMER –Ricky Nolasco is another guy I like to target, so I will probably have fair ownership of Royals lefties tonight. Hosmer is a good bet to knock Nolasco around, and I think the probabilities of a homerun tonight are fair.

STEVE PEARCE – Wei-Yin Chen isn’t a bad real life pitcher, but his struggles with righties are pretty well known. It doesn’t help his cause that the Rays are hitting well right now and Pearce is leading the way. He has immense power upside, and if this offense gets moving, it’s going to be tough to stop them.


JASON KIPNIS – Erik Johnson makes a fine target tonight, as he should fine his way into some trouble. Kipnis could end up being the top play at the position, one which is very light tonight.

JOHNNY GIAVOTELLA – It’s not that I am really expecting a huge game out of Giavotella or anything, but he has been very consistent over his last ten games. I think picking on Holland should be a good route to go tonight, and Johnny is a cheap route to it.


EVAN LONGORIA – I can see playing Bryant, but the fact that they played late last night and are traveling makes me weary, so I am going with Longo here. I will have a decent amount of ownership of the Rays righties tonight, and Longo makes for a nice play.

MAIKEL FRANCO – I expect Franco to be owned pretty high today, considering the matchup. It has been awhile since he knocked one out of the park, and the matchup with Pelfrey sure makes me think tonight could be the night. I am using him in both formats, for better or worse.


FRANCISCO LINDOR – Again, I will go to the Erik Johnson route and suggest Lindor. The Indians has a few down games, but they look to be in position to fire back today against a pitcher like Johnson. Lindor will cost you, but he has good upside.

TIM BECKHAM – Look up power righty, and you will see Tim Beckham. OK, enough with the jokes. Still, he is in a good matchup and is priced affordably. I have my fingers crossed that he will be closer to the top of the lineup with Miller being a lefty, but it’s tough to say this early.


HUNTER PENCE – Pence is probably the most I would spend on an outfielder today, and in tournaments only. Pomeranz is turning into a good pitcher, but Pence has played well against him, and I am a believer in BVP. I wouldn’t go overboard with him, but he’s worth using in a few tournament lineups.

J.D. MARTINEZ – Martinez does have a matchup against a tougher pitcher in Vincent Velasquez, but you cannot deny how Martinez has been seeing the ball lately. With his power, he has to be on your radar in tournaments at all times.

TRAYCE THOMPSON – These are the two Dodger righties I spoke of earlier. Thompson has shown some pop in his bat, and will get to take advantage of both a bad lefty and a bad bullpen tonight. He should put together a nice game.

KIKE HERNANDEZ – Kike has not done anything over impressive since his two home run game against Madison Bumgarner, but it is still a good situation for him, and he is priced fairly. I think Puig is in play here too, but surprisingly I would rather roll cheaper with Kike.

TYLER GOEDDEL – Goeddel is bottom barrel priced and has been putting up nice fantasy scores lately. The Phillies are in a great matchup against Mike Pelfrey, and I wouldn’t be shocked at all if they had their biggest outing of the year. He is a great plug and play with Kershaw.