Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Monday night baseball.

This weekend was a bit hectic, and we didn’t get any breakdowns up, but we are back today in full force! If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


Dallas Keuchel –  This slate doesn’t have a ton of great options, or at least ones that have been on a roll lately. The matchup fits nicely for Keuchel tonight against the Twins. The Twins play markedly worse on the road, and also have a lineup full of players that can strike out. He is my favorite top priced play of the day.

Gerrit Cole – Cole didn’t have an outstanding outing last time out against Colorado, but still picked up the victory. Today, he gets the Cubs at home, in a pitchers park. We know how the Cubs can strike out. The only downside is that they can also knock a pitcher around. I am going to side with Cole controlling this one tonight.

Jonathan Gray – I am debating whether or not Gray is cash game playable tonight. First, it hasn’t been a great strategy targeting Rockies pitching outside of Coors. Secondly, this ballpark is pitcher friendly, so he has that going for him. The Rockies are a good offense, and the Padres are not, so he should have run support and not give a ton of runs up. He definitely carries some risk, but really lets you load your roster up with studs, and many of them are in plus matchups tonight.


Buster Posey – I normally don’t roster many Giants, but since this series will be taking place in a hitters park, I imagine I will end up with a fair amount of them. It will start with Posey for me. He is the most expensive catcher on the schedule, but also brings the most upside. I feel a big game coming from him, and Brandon Finnegan won’t slow him down.

Jonathan Lucroy – The Brewers are expected to score around 4.5 runs tonight according to Vegas, so you will want some of them in your lineup. Catcher is always a position I want to get safety with, as many catchers will produce very little. That isn’t the case for Lucroy. He is coming off a nice series against the Marlins, and I look for it to continue tonight against the Angels.


Freddie Freeman – Colon won all five of his starts against the Braves last year, and personally, I think that is about as useless of a statistic as it comes. The Braves aren’t an easy target right now, and Colon is a year older. The Braves are one of my favorite stacks tonight against Colon, and Freeman is my favorite of them. He is very cheap, and possesses great upside for the price.

Chris Carter – Carter had a monster game Sunday, and if you have followed him through his career, you’ll know that typically, his production comes in bunches. I think it will continue over tonight and he puts up another 20+ point fantasy performance.


Jose Altuve – Altuve is off to a crazy start to the year, and I see no reason it stops with Jose Berrios on the mound tonight. Berrios will turn into a nice pitcher, but facing off against the Astros in a hitters park isn’t the perfect recipe for a second start. I expect the Astros to put up some runs tonight, and Altuve will absolutely be involved.

Robinson Cano – Cano is another guy having a nice start to the year, and the matchup against Kendall Graveman is a nice one tonight. I expect some power out of Cano, with a homerun being a good possibility.


Josh Donaldson – AJ Griffin should be no match at all for Donaldson tonight. I can see this being his biggest game of the year, and he’s already had some big ones. This Blue Jays offense is a good one to target tonight, and for me, it all starts with Donaldson. I don’t like the idea of fading him tonight.

Matt Carpenter– Carpenter has slowed down somewhat from his hot start to the year, but a matchup against Hellickson should get him back on track. Hellickson has pitched decent so far, but I expect that to come to a crashing halt tonight. Don’t overlook Carpenter in a plus situation tonight.


Trevor Story – Story had a forgettable day yesterday, finishing with zero fantasy points. That’s fine by me. I didn’t have much of him, but more important, it could cause his ownership tonight to suffer a bit. I don’t think James Shields is a bad pitcher, but this isn’t an ideal situation for him. I expect Story to put some runs on the board tonight.

Jonathan Villar – Villar is playing very well in the two hole. I expect him to continue there tonight against the Angels. I am buying everyone in the top 5 of this lineup tonight, and Villar gets you cheap exposure to a position that can be tough to find some value in.


Mike Trout – I’ve spoken pretty in depth on the Brewers today, but let’s flip to the other side of the game and talk about Mike Trout. I don’t really love a lot of the other Angels, but Trout is a guy I want on my teams tonight. Nelson will give up the long ball, and I am still waiting for that big Trout outing, and I’m hoping it is tonight.

Jose Bautista – The Blue Jays are expected to score almost five runs in their home ball park, so that puts Bautista square on my radar. I feel a multi-homer game coming on, and tonight could be it. He’ll cost you, but I think he’ll be worth it.

Colby Rasmus – I love Rasmus when he is at home and facing a lesser lefty, and I think that shoe fits tonight with Berrios. I think we’ll see Rasmus go yard in this one, and he possess tournament winning upside at a lower price than others.

Michael Saunders – If Saunders is leading off, he is a guy I absolutely want in my lineups. He should be able to both get on base and cross the plate, and that is something valuable. Oh, he has legit power too, so there is always a shot he can crush the ball over the fences.

Domingo Santana– Santana can hit the long ball, and I really like the spot for this team tonight. I wouldn’t sleep on him even though he hasn’t been spectacular throughout the year. Everything is situational in DFS, and with him batting leadoff on a team that should score some runs will usually be a strong strategy.