Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Saturday night baseball.

Today, I will be breaking down my favorite plays at the position. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


JACOB de GROM – On the mid afternoon slate, I think de Grom is the way to go. Yes, some people might look at lack of strikeouts to start the year and hit pause. They could also look at his last three games and question why he would even be considered. I get both of those points. The fact is, de Grom is a much better pitcher at home, and those last three games were on the road. He is a very heavy favorite in this game, and those win points are a big reason you would want to look his way tonight. I am expecting 45-50 points out of de Grom, making him my top cash game play today.

JOSE FERNANDEZ – On the late slate, things appear to be a little more difficult, but in my opinion, are just as easy. Jose Fernandez is pitching on another level right now. When I watched him starting the season, he didn’t look the same. His walks were up and his confidence seemed down. Over the last two games, he looks like the stud we remember from years past. He is lights out at home, where he is tonight, and probably has the highest upside of anyone pitching tonight. He is my easy ace tonight.

SEAN MANAEA – I like throwing one pure tournament play out there when I write these articles, and Manaea is it for me. He is going to develop into a good pitcher, and even though he may not be there yet. The Yankees profile better against right handed pitchers, which Manaea is not. That isn’t to say they are a pushover, as several power bats are switch hitters, and obviously Castro and Headley can hit lefties well too. This has a lot to do with price. I don’t expect him to get more than 35 points, including the win in this, but if you think spending up on bats is the answer this afternoon, I think he gives you the flexibility to do so.


CHRIS HERMANN – I don’t think I believed there would be a time where Hermann would be the higher costing player between he and Wellington Castillo, but yet, here we are. Hermann is off to a great start, and it could very much continue tonight, as he will get Mike Leake, who has been up and down to start the year. He will be my first option in cash games this afternoon. NOTE: HERMANN IS NOT IN THE LINEUP TODAY.

CHRIS IANNETTA – If Hermann isn’t of interest to you, I expect for a lot of people to be on Iannetta, against lefty John Lamb and the awful Reds bullpen. I don’t think he has the upside of Hermann, but I think the matchup is actually better, so it is a fairly even split there. He’s cheaper, which is why I imagine he’ll be the go to guy today.

EVAN GATTIS – In the night slate, it’s probably Gattis or bust for me. The Astros stunk it up yesterday, but I can’t imagine them doing it again tonight, let alone against a lefty. He will is in a great position and fits well in both cash and tournament lineups tonight.


CARLOS SANTANA – Considering how well they have been playing, I would expect the Indians to be a very popular team to target today. Joe Kelly is coming off the DL, and there could not be a worse situation to come off the DL into right now. He is my top overall play at the position today.

CHRIS DAVIS – On the night slate, there are a few more options, but Davis vs. Matt Shoemaker jumps out at me first and foremost. Davis knocked one out yesterday, and even though he isn’t known to be a “home run in bunches” type of guy, I could still see him hitting a few out tonight as well.

LOGAN MORRISON – Morrison sucked to open up the year. Over his last three games, though, he has been making up for it. The matchup again is very good against Michael Fulmer. Yes, he does hit seventh, but I expect this lineup to continue to mash and he will likely see 4 at bats today.


JASON KIPNIS – Back to the Indians, Kipnis is probably my favorite play for the team on the day. He usually bats second, and should most likely see five at bats in this game. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him knock another one out of the park today. Even if he doesn’t, he can score points in a variety of ways, so he is a safe play.

JOSE ALTUVE – Yes, this team absolutely killed many lineups last night, but DFS is all about having short memories. Altuve is an absolute lefty killer, and he should see five at bats in this game. While he will cost you, he makes a lot of sense tonight.

JEAN SEGURA – Segura seems to be in a groove right now, which is one of the reasons I would want to look his way this afternoon. Mike Leake can definitely be a solid pitcher, but this Arizona offense is rolling pretty well right now, and it makes me want to buy in. Segura has power and speed, which is a great combination in DFS.


DAVID WRIGHT – It might just be my opinion, but third base on the afternoon slate is really limited. I’ll grab Wright at a cheap price in this one, against a righty who has been getting torn apart by righties. He makes a great cash game play due to the price, and yes there is risk as this offense has been awful in general, but I think the risk is worth it today.

KRIS BRYANT – This definitely hasn’t been Matt Cain’s best season, and I don’t expect it to continue tonight. Bryant took one deep yesterday, and it could happen again tonight. I probably value him more in tournaments tonight than in cash, because he could end up returning very little, but his upside is immense.

JUSTIN TURNER – Turner was a guy who I plugged into a few lineups at the last minute last night and it paid off. I don’t think you should be scared away by Cesar Vargas, and Turner is so cheap, because he basically has gotten 3 points again, that he can make tremendous value if he mashes tonight.


CARLOS CORREA – Starting with the night slate, there are two options I really love. The first is Correa. Like Segura mentioned earlier, Correa plays with a great breed of strength and speed. The matchup is great, and the price is fair. I remember playing him during his early stretch last year because I followed him in the minors, and wish the price could return to that level. Don’t be surprised if he has a 30 point outing.

MANNY MACHADO – Option 1b would be Machado against Shoemaker. Machado loves hitting righties and Shoemaker fits the bill as someone who Machado should be able to knock around. He is priced a little cheaper than Correa, which makes me want to look his way tonight. They are both very good options.

BRAD MILLER – I initially had Trevor Story locked in here, but there are some weather concerns today in Pittsburgh. Instead, I will grab Miller at a fraction of the price. He is batting second, and has that power upside to him as well. This Rays offense has been rolling over the past week, and nothing indicates it should slow down now.


NELSON CRUZ – Cruz is probably my play of the day, overall. Hopefully I didn’t already say that about someone else. He is getting a soft lefty, in a hitters park, and he’s not crazy expensive. He was the first one into my lineup today. Usually it is a pitcher, but I saw Lamb, and immediately went and put Cruz in. He has a monster outing in him, and hopefully that occurs today.

MARK TRUMBO – Trumbo took another one out yesterday, and the same thing could happen tonight. The Orioles the more and more I look at it could be the offense to target today. They are in a great position, and even though the park isn’t great, these are some powerful guys, so park isn’t a huge consideration to me.

MATT HOLLIDAY – I want to use Holliday against a lefty like Robbie Ray. Ray pitched well last time out against a lefty heavy Yankees team [which is why we are suggesting Manaea today!], but this Cardinals team isn’t built the same. I think Holliday is my shot of the night. I like him to take one out of the park and easily pay off his salary today.

FRANKLIN GUTIERREZ – Gutierrez is a great tournament play at minimum price. He is good against lefties, even though he is off to a very, very slow start this year. The only reason I won’t go this route in cash games is that he is not likely to play the whole game, as he usually gets pulled when a righty gets in.

JOC PEDERSON – The wind is blowing out to right, and a righty is on the mound, so things just like up well for Young Joc tonight. He is forever and always a tournament only play for me because he can just as easily put up 0 points, but he has multi home run upside.

YASIEL PUIG – I am coining a new term for this duo – The Smash Brothers. McGwire and Canseco were the Bash Brothers, so I’m going to change things up. I have been waiting for Puig to get back on track, and while one game doesn’t mean anything, he looked good last night. He as well is a tournament only play for me, with nice upside.