Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a nice slate of Tuesday night baseball.

From here on out, we will be doing a game by game breakdown of the slate. If you like what you see, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter @researchandwin and let us know we helped you or yell at us for leading you down the wrong path.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the picks:


Vegas has the total of this game set at 8, with Washington as a heavy favorite. Michael Fulmer hasn’t been around long enough for me to want to consider him against a Nationals team that could, and likely will, light him up tonight. I have a trio of guys I like in cash games and a few more I can play in tournaments.

Joe Ross is an interesting situation. He has given it up against lefties, but is lights out against righties. Detroit is a right heavy team. Potentially Victor Martinez is the only guy I really like in this matchup for Detroit. Still, something doesn’t sit right with me about Ross tonight, and I will limit my exposure to him to tournaments.

CASH PLAYS: V. Martinez, Ramos, Murphy, Harper

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Cabrera, Kinsler, J.D. Martinez, Revere, Rendon


Vegas has the total of this game set at 7, with the Yankees as big favorites. Medlen has been very hittable to start the year, and I will be looking specifically at the lefties from the Yankees tonight. I think they make great plays in both cash games and tournaments.

Tanaka is one of my top tournament plays for the evening. I think there is a very real possibility he shuts this Royals team down and could put up a nice score. There is enough value that you can use Tanaka and some Coors bats.

CASH PLAYS: McCann, Garnder

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Tanaka, Teixeira, Beltran, Hicks


The total of this game is 8.5 with Miami as a big favorite. Zach Davies is on the mound, and while he is still young and could be a nice option, he is not getting it done yet. He is a good target tonight. There are a good amount of plays here from both sides of the plate to use in both cash games and tournaments.

Adam Conley has put together two strong games in a row, and will get a team he “no hit” two starts ago. I expect him to do well in this outing, and he is a great tournament play. He is pitching to righties well, but not lefties. This makes Villar a particularly interesting pick for me today. The one downside is that the Brewers actually do hit lefties well, so a complete meltdown would not be totally surprising.

CASH PLAYS: Dietrich, Yelich

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Conley, Bour, Prado, Stanton, Ozuna, Lucroy, Carter, Braun


Vegas has the total of this game set at 7.5, with Atlanta as a home favorite. Adam Morgan is on the mound for the Phillies tonight, and he is in a reasonable position. He hasn’t pitched well to righties historically, but this team doesn’t hit lefties well, plain and simple. Anyone from Atlanta is nothing more than a deep tournament option.

Matt Wisler is on the mound for the Braves. He isn’t really the worst option, when breaking down that he really only struggles with lefties. The Phillies just don’t hit righties very well. To be more specific, they don’t hit anything well. There are only two players I would specifically look into today in tournaments.


TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Freeman, Francouer, Herrera, Howard, Wisler, Morgan


Vegas has a high total of 9.5 on this game with Boston as slight favorites. Don’t use the pitchers here. Sean Manaea has struggled early on in his MLB career, and things won’t get better for him tonight. Though the Sox would like more to face a righty, they can still hit lefties. I would look at the righties in cash games, and lefties in tournaments.

Sean O’Sullivan is on the mound for the Sox, and he is bad against both sides of the plates. I would look at Vogt and Reddick as cash game options, and a handful of others in tournaments tonight. I would also like Crisp if he is at the top of the order in cash again.

CASH PLAYS: Pedroia, Bogaerts, Betts, Vogt, Reddick

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Ortiz, Shaw, Bradley, Davis, Crisp


Vegas has a high total of 9 on this game, with Pittsburgh as road favorites. I am not quite sure why Vegas favors Nicasio as they do, because I think the Reds are built to give him trouble. He isn’t great against righties, but is specifically poor against lefties. This puts a number of players on my radar tonight, specifically Votto in cash.

Gas can Alfredo Simon is going for the Reds tonight in what should be a reasonably high scoring affair. He has been bad against both sides of the plate, but, again, specifically from the left side. I would love to see Matt Joyce get the start tonight, as I think he would have a high potential for a homerun. Either way, a few Pirates are on my radar for both cash and tournaments.

CASH PLAYS: Votto, Cozart, Duvall, Polanco, Jaso

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Barnhart, Phillips, Suarez, Bruce, Marte, McCutcheon, Joyce, Rodriguez, Cervelli


The total for this game is set at 7.5 with the Cubs as heavy favorites once again. Hopefully this game gets played tonight. Vargas isn’t a pitcher I’m going to use, but I also don’t love playing against him. I would look at the top four as tournament options tonight, with preference to Rizzo and Fowler.

Jon Lester should be on your radar tonight. Even though this is a bump for the hitters for the Padres moving to a better hitting park, they are still the Padres, and they are not good. Perhaps guys like Kemp would be very deep tournament options.


TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Fowler, Heyward, Bryant, Rizzo, Kemp


Vegas has the total for this game set at 9.5., with the White Sox as small road favorites. Carlos Rodon is on the mound so who knows what you will get today. He is either a really good pitcher, or a great DFS target. The Rangers are lefty heavy, put can still make several right handed bats work for them. I am staying away from Rodon tonight, but understand if you want to use him in tournaments.

The other side of the game has Derek Holland on the mound. Holland is getting absolutely crushed by righties this year, and isn’t much better on his career. I would definitely be looking at Abreu, Frazier and Lawrie tonight as nice plays at the position.

CASH PLAYS: Desmond, Abreu, Frazier, Lawrie, Beltre

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Odor, Andrus, Rua, Eaton, Cabrera, Garcia


Vegas has this total at 8.5 with Baltimore as a slight road favorite. I tend to disagree here, but I could see a case where I am way off. Kevin Gausman is on the mound tonight, and he is shaping up nice for the future. Right now though, he is a good DFS target, especially against righties. I am looking at the power bats tonight for the Twins, though probably not in cash.

Jose Berrios is going to be a great pitcher. He did well last time out, and I truly believe he will continue it on tonight. The Twins play better at home and I think they’ll put some runs up against the Orioles. The problem is that the Orioles hit righties well. Again, I am probably going with tournament plays for this game, but there are definitely quite a few.


TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Davis, Machado, Trumbo, Jones, Park, Sano, Arcia, Nunez, Dozier


Vegas has this total at 8.5 with Houston as a favorite. Trevor Bauer is on the mound, so really, who knows what you’re going to get. He’s being talked up a lot today, but I’m not sure I understand why. He has potential, but I don’t think this is the time to play that card. The Astros are at home, hitting well and just lit up the team’s ace yesterday. Bauer struggles with lefties, making Rasmus a great tournament play, with the rest of the lineup with him as well.

Chris Devenski on the other hand had performed well, but to me, he is nothing more than a pitcher and I’m not really into targeting him or targeting against him. I think you could look at the core of the lineup in tournaments, but that’s it for me.

CASH PLAYS: Altuve, Correa, Springer

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Rasmus, Castro, Santana, Kipnis, Lindor


The total for this game is 10.5 and is a toss-up. This feels low for tonight. Rubby de la Rosa is having a good start to the year, but he is going to get eaten alive tonight. Left handed Rockies are preferred, and the right handers can go into tournaments.

Rusin is another pitcher showing improvement, but this isn’t the right environment. He has bad career numbers against righties, and that is something this team has a lot of. I would put all the righties as cash game playable [mostly] and lefties in tournaments.

CASH PLAYS: Gonzalez, Blackmon, Parra, Paulsen, Castillo, Goldschmidt, Segura, Drury

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Arenado, Story, Reynolds, Raburn, Lamb, Peralta, Weeks, Owings, Ahmed


The total for this game is 8 with the Angels as home favorites. Mike Leake is on the mound tonight, and for some reason, I like him as a long shot tournament play. The Angeles don’t hit righties well this year, and even though Leake is getting hit by both sides of the plate, I think he could come out with a decent outing. I still like Trout in any format though.

The other side of the game has Hector Santiago on the mound. He has pitched well this year but the last two outings have been less than ideal. I can see a situation where guys like Piscotty and Diaz pick him apart tonight, and that’s probably part of the reason I like Leake a bit tonight.

CASH PLAYS: Trout, Piscotty, Diaz

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Calhoun, Soto, Grichuk, Carpenter, Holliday, Leake


The total for this game is 7.5 with the game being a toss-up. Jacob deGrom is on the mound tonight, against a Dodgers team that is built to hit righties, but really isn’t. Still, deGrom’s outings have been far worse on the road, giving me a lot of pause tonight. I am not going to actively target him tonight, but I will only use him limitedly in tournaments.

Alex Wood is getting a lot of buzz right now after two good outings, and this isn’t the worst spot for him tonight. Outside of Cespedes, Wright and maybe Flores, the Mets aren’t tearing it up against lefties. I can see the argument for using Wood in tournaments, but I am not going to do it too much. I think Cespedes and Wright are good tournament options.


TOURNAMENT PLAYS: deGrom, Wood, Gonzalez, Pederson, Utley, Seager, Grandal, Wright, Flores, Cespedes


The total for this game is 7 with Tampa Bay as a small road favorite. Drew Smyly is one of my favorite plays in both cash games and tournaments tonight. He has looked good in the early part of the year, and this Seattle team is much more proficient at bashing righties than lefties. I don’t really see a need to go after Cruz today, as he has really been struggling and Smyly is a good pitcher.

Wade Miley is the opposing pitcher, and he is a guy I am not going to actively target. The Rays lineup gets a little weaker if Forstyhe is out, which to me, moves him closer to a tournament option tonight. There are still a few guys who could be in play for Tampa, but there are better plays elsewhere.


TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Miley, Longoria, Pearce, Guyer, Souza


The total for this game is 8 with Toronto as a road favorite. J.A. Happ is on the mound tonight, and while I don’t like him in either format, there aren’t a ton of plays I would suggest against him. I think the Giant righties could be a nice tournament stack tonight. Posey has been struggling somewhat after a nice hot streak, so I’ll probably have a little less of him than everyone else.

Matt Cain is off to a poor start to the year, which makes the Blue Jays an intriguing option tonight. I would look to both sides of the plate. I am hoping Darwin Barney ends up in the lineup tonight, as he is a nice option at a very low price if you want to fit in those Coors bats.

CASH PLAYS: Donaldson, Pillar

TOURNAMENT PLAYS: Posey, Pence, Duffy, Panik, Bautista, Saunders, Encarnacion, Barney