Welcome to our MLB Daily Fantasy Breakdown! Today, we have a long all day slate, which will be interesting, as teams often rest players, specifically catchers. Pay close attention to rosters, and if a catchers has played all a teams games so far, it might be a good strategy to stay away from them/

Last night was a pretty good night, all things considered. Most of the picks panned out well, and likely would have won you cash games. We look to build off of all of that tonight and win more money!

With that out of the way, lets move on to the picks.


Matt Harvey – There may be a few scared off since he got rattled by the Royals on Opening Day, but this is Philadelphia and Matt Harvey we are talking about. I expect a big time bounce back performance tonight and a big score to boot.

Dallas Keuchel- Keuchel was another guy who didn’t show his normal stuff on Opening Day, but I think he will get things situation for the game today. Milwaukee will do well against poor pitchers, but I think Keuchel will continue his dominant stretch from 2015. 

Joe Ross – I like Ross for a few reasons. First, I think he should get the win today with that Nationals offense backing him up. Second, he is cheap. Third, the Marlins really did struggle to score last season. They do possess some dangerous bats, so I don’t like this from a cash game perspective, but he is a good tournament option.


Devin Mesoraco – I will certainly be spending down today at the catcher position. I am going to focus on guys in good positions, and the first is Mesoraco against Locke. He has the ability to knock it out of the park, which will put you at a major advantage in your contests.

Wilson Ramos – The second for the same reason as above is Ramos. I expect the Nationals to score some runs today, and Ramos is a great access to them.


David Ortiz – Ortiz sitting yesterday really hurt as he had a prime matchup. Nothing much has changed moving into today. I expect him to knock Estrada around pretty easily and put up a nice score.

Jose Abreu – Abreu gets the benefit of picking on a poor pitcher today, and that is something I will always want to side with. He is much cheaper than he should be, and I will take advantage of that tonight.


Rougned Odor – Because of games in better stadiums tonight, I expect Odor to be underowned. He has a ton of power, and can do so much for his team. Weaver is not going to be able to get around him, and he is a good bet for double digits today.

Cory Spangenberg – Spangenberg should be back up to the two spot today facing a righty, so he is square on my radar today. He had two big performances in this series thus far, so there is nothing that makes me believe that it will stop now. Lock him into your lineups.


Josh Donaldson – Donaldson is cruising right now, and gets to take on a bad pitcher today in his home park. His salary is up there, but there are very few players in the league that offer the upside of Donaldson.

Eugenio Suarez – Suarez has been locked in to start the year, and gets another positive matchup at home against Jeff Locke. He will likely be highly owned, but that shouldn’t move you off of him in cash games, because if he keeps doing what he is doing, you’ll be playing from behind.


Xander Bogaerts – Shortstop is never a position I love to spend on, but Bogaerts finds himself in a great place today against Estrada, and I want to have him in my lineups. Correa has huge upside, and Story has been good so far, but he will regress. Bogaerts is a great pivot to those guys.

Alcides Escobar – I think he’s a secure option for your cash games. He is dirt cheap, facing a bad pitcher and can contribute in multiple ways. He has enough power to keep things interesting, and I expect him to get on the bases tonight, giving him a high likelihood to score.


Bryce Harper– Harper is another guy who is super expensive, but is in am amazing position tonight. I expect him to put up a big score, but it will be tough to put him with a high end pitcher and end up with something you have a lot of confidence in.

Mike Trout – Trout is moving slowly to start the year, but this could change things. His price is low, but not cheap. I want to roster him because of this, as I really think he will give your lineup a boost.

Matt Kemp – Kemp has been on fire in Colorado, a stadium where he is the active leading home run hitter [for visiting players]. The only downside here is that there is some concern with the weather, and if you play on a site with no late swap, that would kill your lineup.

Lorenzo Cain – Cain is another guy I want some exposure to against a bad pitcher. He will probably go a little under the radar, but is a producer and can be a big part of helping to win a tournament if he puts up big times stats. He is in a good position today.

Jeremy Hazelbaker – I had him in a few spots last night, but I am going to make the full plunge tonight against Williams Perez. He is dirt cheap, and will allow you to get a stud pitcher in your lineup and some good bats around him.