Browns QB Situation:
The Cleveland Browns need a QB. Shocker, right? The fact of the matter is Johnny Manziel is not going to be on the Browns roster in 2016. He may not be on any roster in 2016. He’ll be cut the first minute of the new NFL year. Josh McCown did play well last year. The Browns offensive situation isn’t as bad as you might think. Gary Barnidge had a great year at TE. He became a very reliable weapon. Travis Benjamin could leave in free agency and that does hurt but I expect Cleveland to pick up someone serviceable (not like when they signed Dwayne Bowe) in free agency. Josh Gordon could be back from suspension and that is a huge weapon for whoever the QB is. They also have a young RB who can catch in Duke Johnson. It is going to be Carson Wentz or Jared Goff with the second overall pick. Unless a team offers an insane amount of picks similar to the RG3 deal, I can’t fathom why the Browns would draft anyone but a QB. McCown is serviceable but he isn’t the guy.

Calvin Johnson retirement:
Megatron’s health is failing him. Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re read the rumors of his retirement. Some say he’s gone. Others say he’s still thinking about it. It’s a situation to watch if you’re a Lions fan or own any Lions players in fantasy. If he leaves, Golden Tate becomes the number 1 WR. Matthew Stafford’s value drops considerably. Ameer Abdullah’s value may increase some because they’d have to rely on the run a bit more. Well, you’d think so anyways. Calvin Johnson has 88 catches for 1214 yards, and 9 TDs in 2015. He has 149 targets. All those targets and production has to go somewhere. SLEEPER ALERT: Theo Riddick has great hands. He had 80 catches last year out of the backfield. Look to him to get a boost if Calvin Johnson does retire.

Will the Broncos QB please stand up.
The Broncos defense won the Super Bowl. The smart money is on Peyton Manning riding off in to the sunset. If he does want to come back, is it for Denver? Peyton Manning of 2015 was not he Peyton Manning everyone remembers. He made poor decisions, didn’t have much zip on the ball, and in many ways was a game manager. Brock Osweiler came in at week 10, was out in week 17, and rode the bench for the playoffs. He put up 1967 yards, 10TDs, and 6INTs in those 10 games. If Manning retires, the Broncos will sign Osweiler and this won’t be much of an issue. If Manning does say he wants to come back, prepare for a media circus. You could also see Brock Osweiler somewhere else next year. The Browns and Texans come to mind as teams that would love a 6’, 240lb, 25 y/o QB. John Elway has been a great GM. He could have a huge test ahead of him. 

Resigning their own.
Doug Martin was the number 2 back in the NFL last year, second only to Adrian Peterson. He had 1600 total yards and 7 total TDs in 2015. The previous two years were not kind to Doug Martin. You could question as to whether or not he was just motivated because he was playing for a contract. The Buccaneers can’t ask that question. They need Doug Martin. They have a young QB in Jameis Winston. The best friend to a young QB is a healthy run game. Doug Martin provides that. No one else in that backfield is as valuable to the Buccaneers as Doug Martin is. If he does leave, someone will pay good money for him. Jerry Jones anyone?
Another team that needs to sign their own: Chicago Bears. Alshon Jeffery is set to enter free agency. It’s hard to fathom them letting him walk. He is their number 1 WR, young, and talented. This could be considered a non-story as if they can’t get a deal, they’ll probably use the franchise tag on him. The scenario of Alshon Jeffery hitting free agency is fun though. Teams would be falling over themselves to try and get him. Rams? Vikings? Browns? Ravens? You get the idea. One thing is for sure: one way or another, Alshon Jeffery is about to get paid.

Chip Kelly in SF:
Chip Kelly in Philadelphia was interesting. Failure is a word some people might use. He had Riley Cooper as a starting WR. That should tell you all you need to know. Lesean McCoy was traded to Buffalo. Maclin was gone in free agency. The team looked vastly different. Free agency kicked off in 2015 with a trade of Foles/Bradford and a plethora of draft picks. You’d think that Colin Kaepernick is a great fit for Chip Kelly. You’d think that Carlos Hyde has a lot to offer there as well. Forget what you think. This is Chip Kelly. When Hyde was drafted, Chip Kelly was in Philadelphia. He didn’t even have Hyde on his draft board. As for QB? A lot of mock drafts have the 49ers drafting a QB. A coaching change often means a new QB. Jared Goff could be that guy. Kelly loves him some Pac-12 prospects. The question is whether or not he rolls the dice with Kaepernick/Gabbert (YEAH BLAINE GABBERT) or he starts from scratch. Of course it doesn’t help that the 49ers had a lot of defensive players retire last year. It also doesn’t help that their number 1 WR is 35 y/o Anquan Boldin and their #2 is Torrey Smith.