Fantasy College Football Start/Sit – Week 2

Week one of college football was unquestionably one of the best that I can remember in recent years. I was stuck to my television for five straight days watching nail biter after nail biter. Let’s face it though: I was going to do that anyway. This quality of the games just made it much more worthwhile. I think this should be another fun week of college football action.

The picks from last week were a mixed bad. The only things I really regret are downplaying Evan Engram, and giving any level of credit to San Jose State, who look completely and totally lost without Tyler Ervin. As crazy as it sounds, it is always difficult to nail all of the picks on the head, as college football is highly unpredictable.

With that being said, let’s move on to the picks!


J.T. Barrett – Ohio State vs. Tulsa

So you’re telling me that I should play a quarterback that had 7 touchdowns last week? I am going to tell you yes. There may be some new people who are reading this article who are in their first year of playing fantasy college football, and they may see the beat down the Tulsa defense [NEVER thought I’d say that] on San Jose State and want to stay away. I do think this game will be close, but it will be because the offenses and not the defenses. Barrett is high upside play this week in all formats.

Patrick Mahomes – Texas Tech @ Arizona State

Again, we are talking about a guy who can put up a ton of points who is one of the first quarterbacks off the board in fantasy drafts against the worst defense in the country last year against the pass? It’s an easy choice for me, as he should be in for another absolutely dominant outing. The most important thing is that he should see four quarters of action because his team’s defense is absolutely awful.

Kenny Hill – TCU vs. Arkansas

We saw both the good and the bad of Kenny Hill last week, and this week he faces a SEC team that is much different than what he faced last week. The good news is that Arkansas was a train wreck on defense last year, leading to a great amount of shootouts. I could definitely see that being the case again this week. Hill has that dual threat ability we love in a quarterback and should certainly make your rosters this weekend.


Greg Ward Jr. – Houston vs. Lamar 

This may end up being the only time this year we end up seeing Greg Ward in the sit column, but I think it makes a lot of sense here. We saw him take a beating against Oklahoma, to the point where he’s been MRI’ed and looked at multiple times throughout the week. There’s even rumors that he may not play this week. I suspect he will still play, but I’m imagining we will see a lot more of Duke Catalon as the focus. Ward will likely not play the second half regardless, as Houston is now firmly in the National Championship conversation.

Davis Webb – California @ San Diego State

I think we could see a lot of people on Webb this week as he had a stellar debut against Hawaii last week, but it is important that we remember that it was Hawaii. San Diego State is a legitimate defense, and I suspect Webb will have a very difficult time navigating through this defense with as much luck. I would steer away from him even in two quarterback leagues, as I think he will have a quiet outing.

Mitch Trubisky – North Carolina @ Illinois

Poor Mitch Trubisky. The first two weeks of the season, he finds himself in our sit list because of a poor matchup. He didn’t look very good last week, and I expect that he will be in the same position this week. I do firmly believe that he will find his way this year and have some strong outings, but these first two weeks will most likely not be the best of his season.


Demario Richard – Arizona State vs. Texas Tech

If you haven’t been let in on the secret yet, let me be the one to tell you: Texas Tech has a joke of a run defense. It would not surprise me at all if Richard was the top scoring fantasy running back this weekend, as he should literally tear through the Texas Tech defense. I don’t worry about him losing carries, and I definitely don’t worry about this game being a blowout. The Arizona State defense is just as bad, so I think we should be in for a good old fashion shoot out!

Myles Gaskin – Washington vs. Idado

Gaskin was definitely disappointing last week, but I expect him to bounce back nicely this week. I still think he is going to be one of the better running backs in college football, with his team quickly becoming the darlings of college football. This game should get ugly quick, but I do think Gaskins will be able to put together a nice outing this week.

Shock Linwood – Baylor vs. SMU

We saw Baylor use a bevy of backs last week, but with little question, Linwood is still the guy here. This game should be high scoring, and I think Linwood is going to account for a lot of Baylor’s yardage and points this week. He should be in your lineups this week, and most weeks, but this is definitely an extra special situation.


Anthony Wales – Western Kentucky @ Alabama

It is clear that Anthony Wales is going to be the top dog in this Western Kentucky backfield. He had a tremendous week one, and with little question will have many big weeks going ahead. This, however, is a very bad matchup for Western Kentucky, and they will definitely be outclassed. I think there could be merit to using some players from WKU but Wales isn’t one of them.

Corey Clement – Wisconsin vs. Akron

Clement had a very good week one, and gets a perceived better situation in week two. The thing that gives me pause here is that I do believe that Akron is pretty good against the run, and I think that Wisconsin does have other options that they could use this week. I’m not going to blame you if you start him, because you might not have better options, but if you do, you should go that route this week.

Leonard Fournette – LSU vs. Jacksonville State

It feels off to suggest to not play Leonard Fournette, but the narrative here mirrors that of Greg Ward. Fournette spent this week nursing a knee contusion, and is playing a team that has no possible chance of winning. LSU certainly got set back in week one, but they are not totally out of the conversation, and it doesn’t make a ton of sense to risk your best player in a sure fire win. I don’t expect him to see a ton of action, and if you have a running back in a better matchup, I would certainly go that route instead.


Simmie Cobbs – Indiana vs. Ball State

Cobbs looks to be the guy to go to on this offense, and should be in your lineups this week in a plus matchup. I actually think that this game could be closer than expected, because the Indiana defense is still really bad. I expect Cobbs to slide right into action in 2016, and he should be in for a big day against a bad Ball State pass defense.

Noah Brown – Ohio State vs. Tulsa

Ohio State receivers are going to be tough to figure out this year, because it’s a good program that recruits well, and has enough pieces on the offense that they can afford to spread it around. Even with that being said, I like Noah Brown a lot this week, as I think he could be a major factor in this game. I expect it to be a closer game, because the Tulsa offense is no joke, and I think Brown will get his.

Taj Williams – TCU vs. Arkansas

I think many expected KeVontae Turpin to be the hands down, go to guy this year, and I think he’s going to have a nice season, but Hill seems to have developed a nice rapport with Taj Williams. With that being said, he makes a nice flex play, especially since I think he could be available in many league’s waiver wires. This should be yet another high scoring game, and I think Williams will have another monster outing.


JuJu Smith Schuster – USC vs. Utah State

I know it is going to be hard for you to bench a receiver you probably had to draft early, but I’m a risk taker, and I am going to sit JuJu this week. The Utah State defense is pretty good, and the USC offense looks pretty bad. Yes, I think it is unfair to base your opinion off of one game, and it being against a good Alabama defense, but I think it may take a few games before things level out.

Zach Pascal – Old Dominion @ Appalachian State

Pascal is a guy I have in a lot of my leagues, but this weekend I am looking for other options because this Appalachian State defense is very, very good. They are probably one of the best defenses in all of college football, as we saw against an over-hyped Tennessee team opening night. Pascal will be a guy we can use on most weekends, just not this one.

Joshua Atkinson – Tulsa @ Ohio State

I love Keevan Lucas. I think that he is going to have a huge week, but I have some serious doubts about how well Atkinson will do. In conference play, Atkinson will be a monster because a lot of those defenses are subpar. While Ohio State’s defense likely won’t be as good as last years, I think it is good enough to cause some problems for Atkinson.


Bucky Hodges – Virginia Tech vs. Tennessee

I expect this game to be fairly close, as neither team looked very strong last week. Hodges creates a mismatch every week, and this will be no different. I think a lot of people will see SEC defense, and recall all the hype they heard on Tennessee, and want to stay away from Hodges. Don’t be that person. Play him with confidence.

Troy Fumagali – Wisconsin vs. Akron

I mentioned in Clements breakdown that while he wasn’t a great play, there would be others that I did like. We saw some good out of Fumagali last year, and I think this year is going to be his coming out party. He had a big game last week, and I am expecting it to continue again this week.


Scott Orndoff – Pittsburgh vs. Penn State

I’m only going to list one tight end a week in the sit column, as the position is pretty thin. Orndorff should be a focus of the Pittsburgh offense, but I don’t like the spot for them this week. He’ll have his shots, but this just isn’t one of them.