NHL Makes Changes to NHL Product

FanDuel finally listened to the cries of the NHL DFS faithful and came through with a complete and total overhaul of their product. The first slate of games take place one week from today on 10/12, and this new FanDuel experience looks to make hockey the most exciting fantasy experience we have seen yet.

The first, and probably most important, change to look at is that the +/- is now no longer a statistic that is used to grade fantasy performance. This was something that made for a frustrating experience, and ultimately drive more players to DraftKings where this was not being done. Now, this will no longer need to be worried about.

The next thing that it is important to notice about the scoring change is that blocked shots are now score, and they are given the same emphasis as a shot on goal. This is going to make defensive players like Mark Giordano and Erik Karlsson even more valuable, but also now puts players like Francois Beauchemin and Karl Alzner and their almost 3 blocked shots a game, into consideration dependent on price.

Goalies are now getting the treatment that pitchers in MLB DFS did this year, seeing their win skyrocket to 12 points. This now makes picking a goalie who is in line to get a win more important. Shutouts will be worth 8 points, and goals allowed will receive a minus 4. Saves jump up as well to 0.8 points, making it key to not just find that goalie who looks to be in position to get the win, but also who should be seeing a lot of shots on goal.

The goals and assists numbers are quadrupled to make scoring even higher. The power play bonus actually stays the same, but the shorthanded bonus moves up to 2 points. This new, high scoring experience will give the game a more exciting feel, as the scores will be much higher, which is ultimately what players want.

Potentially the biggest change being made is that you can now select any four wings, which is great as it was very frustrating last year when trying to get players from the same line who were listed at the same position. That will definitely be something that will make lineup construction a lot more different, which will ultimately result in more unique lineups.

I love playing on FanDuel, but I did move a lot of my NHL action to DraftKings because of the +/-. With that no longer being the case, I can confidently say I will be back to play NHL on FanDuel and am looking forward to the new user experience.