Was that just an excuse to quote “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase? Yes. Yes it was. It is true however. In fantasy football, everyone has a price. If you have good owners in the league, they’ll be willing to wheel and deal. Every player has value. An RB1 to one team may be more valuable to another. The biggest piece of advice I offer on trades is to know what you’re willing to pay. You need to do your homework before you offer a trade. Don’t just offer a random player for the guy you want. Know the person’s roster. Know their needs. Know their preferences. Some teams like to draft to build their roster. They may value draft picks over players. Others like to go with established veterans. You can snag a draft pick for removing a veteran who may not see your starting lineup.

Along with that price, you need to not be afraid to pull the trigger on a deal. If you want a player, get him. If you have to overpay a little, remember that you’re still getting the player you want. It was Summer of 2012 and I was in need of RB help. At the time, RBs were the higher point scorers in my main leagues. I had gone back and forth with the owner of Jamaal Charles. I knew he was looking for Hasselbeck to protect Locker. I also knew he wanted Beanie Wells. Wells/Hasselbeck were not going to get me Jamaal Charles. I needed a big player. That player I found out was Marques Colston. I liked Charles better but Colston had been my guy for years. He was my top player. Colston had just put up 1143 yards and 8tds. The Saints were amazing offense. I felt he had a couple more years of top production. I felt Jamaal Charles had more so I made the move. I paid more than originally offered but with research and my gut, I made the deal. Colston did have a good year in 2012 but fell off from there. Jamaal Charles won me a league championship in the years after the trade. He also put up a lot of wins for my team.

Be smart. Be calculated. Above all else, know that every player has a price and sometimes you can overpay to get the guy you want.