After a couple years of being thought of as a possible first rounder and no later than the middle second round, Rob Gronkowski is now being drafted mid to late third round, in some instances dropping as far as to the fourth round.

Rob Gronkowski is still the beast he was and has mentioned several times that he is healthy as an ox. Maybe that was a paraphrase, I’m not exactly sure if he said he was ox-like healthy, but he is ready to go. When healthy Gronkowski is obviously the best tight end the game has ever seen.

The relationship with quarterback Tom Brady is outstanding and only shows even more promise because of the Julian Edelman injury, an injury that opens up an already wide door for Gronkowski to catch more balls and see more targets. In a PPR league there’s no doubt in my mind if I have the 1st pick in the third round or anything later and he is on the board I’ll be taking Gronkowski.

In 2015, Gronkowski scored 90 more points than the number 10 tight end, Jason Witten, in that same year the number one wide receiver scored 13 more points that the number 10 wide receiver. In 2014, Gronkowski scored 103 more points than the number 10 tight end, again Jason Witten; says something about Witten’s consistency. That same year the number one wide receiver scored 103 more points than the number 56 wide receiver, right now the 56th ranked receiver has an ADP of 12.01, the 10th ranked tight end is going 8.05.

The difference between drafting a tight end that early who can be that good, especially with the number one receiver being a freshman to the team, is a no-brainer, yet, he drops to the third round because of injury.

We never know when he will take that hit that just stings a little too much, yet Gronkowski has played in less than 11 games twice in his seven years. Even when he did play 11 games, he still scored 11 touchdowns and had over 700 yards receiving. Gronk had a stretch of four games last year that he played in and caught three touchdowns and over 400 yards. If healthy Gronkowski is a sure thing in the third round when it comes to value.