College Football Week 9 Recap


Week 9 has been the craziest week to date. 5 top 18 teams upset and 4 top 10 teams taken to the limit but survived. That’s the name of the game the rest of the way: survive and advance. At this point in the season, any slip up and its going to be extremely difficult to climb back into a position to be in the final 4.
Best Game of the Week:
Not only did Lamar Jackson leave the Hesiman Trophy door open, but his team almost suffered an embarrassing loss on the road against a 2-6 Virginia team that has looked horrible this season. Jackson lead his team down the field and hit Jaylen Smith on a 29 yard TD pass with 13 seconds left to steal a win. For Jackson, 361 passing yards and 4 passing TD’s looks unimpressive and leaves the door open for guys like JT Barrett and Jake Browning.
Biggest Let Down of the Week:
Not only did Baylor cost itself a chance at the final 4, but they also cost the Big 12 it’s only chance to get a team in as well. Losing on the road at Texas 35-34 on a last second FG by Texas showed everyone that this Baylor team led by former Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe is not even close to be mentioned as a top team in the nation. This also shows how desperate the Big 12 must be to get teams that are relevant in the nation, however, I don’t see where those teams may come from. TCU is down, Oklahoma can’t win big time out of conference games, Texas is bad despite this win and Baylor needs to find depth.
Biggest Winner of the Week:
The Media
Coming off week 9, I don’t really have a big winner because the top teams did not win impressive and the teams that upset those top 20 teams really have no future in the final 4 or even top 10 besides maybe Wisconsin who beat an overrated Nebraska team. The media will talk as length about the top 4 and right now its cut and dry with Alabama, Michigan, Washington and Clemson and teams like Ohio State, Texas A&M, Louisville and Wisconsin waiting for teams to lose.
My Top 10:
  • Alabama– Bye week to get healthy, scary; Next game: @LSU
  • Michigan– Keep winning with OSU looming; Next game: Maryland
  • Clemson–  Big time W, need to stay steady; Next game:Syracuse
  • Washington– Big W on the road; Next game: @Cal
  • Louisville–Too close, but a W is a W; Next game: @Boston College
  • Ohio State– Not a great game but got the W; Next game: Nebraska
  • Wisconsin– Big W but O still a question mark. ; Next game: @Northwestern
  • Texas A&M– Easy W tough road test next; Next Game: @Mississippi State
  • Florida–Somehow they keep winning; Next game: @Arkansas
  • Nebraska-Tough loss, need to win and hope ; Next game: @Ohio State
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