The day many of us college football fans hate is upon us, as it is the final regular season week of the 2016 season. 2 random big 12 games, conference title games, Army-Navy, and then bowl season will be here and gone in a flash. This season has been many things, among them: fantastic, thrilling, heartbreaking, exciting and most important this season has been fun. 
I would like to personally thank not only all of you that read this every week but thank the people who put this up every single week, ResearchFantasy. It’s been so much fun doing this every week and I will post stuff during the off season dealing with recruiting and off season happenings. I will also be back with my bowl picks in a few weeks but until then lets go one more time with the week recap. 
Best Game of the Week:
4 turnovers led to one of the biggest upsets of the season. Heisman front runner Lamar Jackson has let the door open for all others to try and take the award from him. Kentucky had a great game plan for a team that has been up and down all season. Kentucky hit a 47 yard FG with 12 seconds left to win a game that they came in as huge underdogs. Louisville has stumbled down the stretch this season and will find the final game of the season in a bowl that not only is not the final 4 but not a New Years 6 bowl, a far cry from a top ranking earlier this season.
Biggest Let Down of the Week:
Boise State
Boise has been a king of the underdogs, the ruler of the we can do it teams, until now. After a 27-20 defeat at Air Force Boise most likely will have cost itself a New Years 6 bowl game if Western Michigan can win the MAC title this coming week. Boise has all the hype and main stream media attention year after year and I feel it’s finally gotten to them. The recruiting classes have started to have misses unlike the majority of recruiting classes Chris Peterson had when he was the head coach. I’m not saying this staff is bad or can’t see and project talent, but Peterson’s staff identified guys who would contribute not only of offense and defense but special teams and have depth. Depth has been a issue with this years team and hopefully next year a healthy Bosie team can be in the new years 6 bowl game mix.
My Final Top 10:
  • Alabama– Great season, the clear cut top dog
  • Ohio State– 1 tough loss but still a favorite to win it all again not only this year but next year with a young team coming back
  • Clemson– Never got to the level everyone expected but a solid year; may fall back next year
  • Michigan–Can they develop a true QB? Future looks bright with recruiting 
  • Wisconsin–Started year great, 2 tough defeats against the 2 Big Ten favorites
  • Oklahoma– Finished the year better then anyone, new look next year
  • Washington– Came out of nowhere in many peoples eyes, Heisman favorite coming back 
  • Penn State– May have overachieved but credit to coaching staff
  • Colorado–Biggest surprise all year, hard to gauge for next year
  • Western Michigan-Great ending to a lot of senior talent at WMU
Looking forward to next season I expect the top teams to remain on top besides Clemson who is literally losing the whole offense to the NFL. Teams like Ohio State, Alabama,  and Michigan have a lot of underclassmen coming back and a lot of young talent that got a lot of playing time and exposed to high pressure situations this season that will serve them well moving into next year. This season we saw a comeback to the top ten of teams like Penn State and Colorado, while I don’t expect huge seasons from either I do expect them to be top 25 teams and as always we will get a team like Western Michigan or Houston early on that want to crash the top 4 party but could not deal with the pressure or have the schedule to get high enough in the rankings to be real threats. Until next season folks thanks once again for reading. 
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