College Football Breakdown – 2016 Week 11


Week 11 brought us the chaos that some of us had hoped for but in a way none of us thought. 5 of the top 10 lost, some of which came on last second plays while others were over before the final drives. Could this be the year the college football committee actually has to do work? In previous years, the final 4 were cut and dry and no one could argue for other teams getting in. This year, however, at the end of the season you could have 2-3 teams that have legit arguments to be in the final 4.
Best Game of the Week:
A Lot 
Lets just list the games that are best game of the week material.
Pittsburgh-Clemson-Last second field goal by Pitt gives Pitt one of the biggest wins in program history. Clemson finally loses a game it should have lost.
Michigan-IowaAnother game decided by a last second field goal. Iowa wins 14-13 and Michigan looked horrible, and lost its starting QB Wilson Speight for the season to a broken collarbone.
Ole Miss-Texas A&M-Battle of backup QB’s where Ole Miss looked better in the second half putting up 23 points in the 4th quarter.
Penn State-Indiana-Penn State scores 24 points in the 4th quarter to save its season.
Texas Tech-Oklahoma State-High scoring back and forth game that was decided on a missed extra point. OK State wins 45-44.
Biggest Let Down of the Week:
A Lot Again
Lets go back to list format for this topic too.
Washington-A team I’ve hyped for so long finally let me down. They will plummet in the polls and the final 4 hopes are gone. Defense couldn’t stop USC and QB Sam Darnold as USC wins 26-13.
Clemson-A team that was supposed to challenge Alabama for the #1 spot but couldn’t stop Pitt QB Nate Peterman who threw 5 Td’s to beat Clemson 43-42
Michigan-Offense all season only to be shut down at Iowa 14-13
Biggest Winner of the Week:
I know, I know, how can I put them as a winner and loser? Easy. With everyone else losing around them, they only drop to 4 in the polls and still hold the inside track on not only the ACC title game but a final 4 birth. The committee may take into consideration all the close games and yes that might hurt them, but the team they would be put up against for the last spot would be Louisville, a team whom they beat earlier in the season.
My Top 10:
  • Alabama– Blow out W ; Next game: Chattanooga
  • Ohio State– Offense looks good again; Next game: @Michigan State
  • Louisville– Not great but chaos around them Next game:@Houston
  • Clemson–Tough loss but chaos around them helps; Next game: @Wake Forest
  • Michigan–Exposed? Or tough loss? ; Next game: Indiana
  • Wisconsin– Worked themselves back into consideration; Next game: Purdue
  • Washington– Defense looked lost. ; Next game: Arizona State
  • Oklahoma– Can they do enough to get back into the conversation? Next Game: @West Virginia
  • Penn State–Found a QB and RB for the future; Next game: @Rutgers
  • Western Michigan– College Game Day in town this week ; Next game: Buffalo
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