College Football DFS Picks – 2016 Week 5

We’ve got five different slates coming up this week that we will cover. Once we have four games on the weeknight slate, we will cover them, but for now, we’ll stick to slates with four or more games. This week sees a lot more conference play taking place, so well finally get to see some real, hardcore college football. Let’s not wait any longer: let’s break down some plays!





DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) vs. Syracuse – $7,500 (EARLY)

2015 was a good year for DeShone Kizer when, due to injuries, he was cast into the starting quarterback position at Notre Dame. 2016 has been even better, though the team as a whole is worse. He is a top fantasy producer, and this should be a high scoring contest between two potent offenses.

Mitch Trubisky (North Carolina) vs. Florida State – $7,100 (AFTERNOON)

I hesitated for a second because Florida State “has a good defense”. I put it like that because despite “having a good defense”, they have coughed up some pretty big games lately. North Carolina is no stranger to having big games, and Mitch Trubisky is doing well in replacing Marquise Williams. I think this should stay close, and I like for Trubisky to have a nice game.

Kenny Hill (TCU) vs. Oklahoma – $7,400 (PRIMETIME)

Kenny Hill is proving himself to be one of the top fantasy quarterbacks in all of college football, and this is another excellent matchup against Oklahoma. This Sooners team has not delivered in 2016, and while they should be able to take down TCU, it will be close. I expect Hill to be one of the top scoring quarterbacks again this week.

Lamar Jackson (Louisville) vs. Clemson – $10,000 (EVENING)

I mentioned last week that rule number one of playing daily fantasy college football in 2016 is to always play Lamar Jackson. Nothing has changed, and despite a perceived tough matchup, he should roll again. He’s costly, but he has such monster upside.

Luke Falk (Washington State) vs. Oregon – $6,800 (LATE)

While I typically like to focus on quarterbacks that offer some rushing upside, I will gladly take a guy like Falk who is likely to throw for over 400 yards and multiple touchdowns against an awful Oregon defense. He isn’t priced too high and is an easy option to put into your lineup.



Philip Walker (Temple) vs. SMU – $4,300 (EARLY)

I don’t often look in Walker’s direction, as this team doesn’t score a lot, and when it does, it very often doesn’t involve him. However, SMU is still a bad defense, and as a result, we need to at least consider Walker as an option. The benefit here is that he can get things done with his legs, which helps him rack up fantasy points much quicker.

Steven Montez (Colorado) vs. Oregon State – $5,400 (AFTERNOON)

This play is largely dependent on the status of Sefo Liufau, but I have to imagine fantasy players are hoping that he sits, as Montez was absolutely brilliant in his opening performance last week. The price here is far too low, and while Oregon State’s defense isn’t as bad as Oregon, it isn’t a good defense by any stretch of the imagination.

Troy Williams (Utah) vs. California – $4,800 (PRIMETIME)

This game should be a shootout, as I think that while Utah has a good defense, this is a really potent California offense. Williams is going to have to do whatever he can in order to put points up on the board, which will result in him needing to use his legs as well. This price is very low and I love the upside he brings to the table.

DeShaun Watson (Clemson) vs. Louisville – $5,600 (EVENING)

Oh how the mighty have fallen! Coming into the year, Watson was one of the Heisman hopefuls, but he has looked anything but that early on in the year. This is going to be a tough test, but I think Watson is going to ball out in order to remind people that he is still a stud.

Sam Darnold (USC) vs. Arizona State – $4,000 (LATE)

This isn’t my favorite recommendation, but Arizona State is a really, really bad defense, and Darnold should find himself with a ton of opportunities here. I think we will see him put together his first 30 point outing, and will do so at minimum price.




Curtis Samuel (Ohio State) vs. Rutgers – $7,100 (EARLY)

This should be an absolutely one sided game, and I fully expect Ohio State to exceed 50 points, so you’ll want to make sure you have some of them in your lineup. Samuel has been a stead fantasy performer, and is my top play from this game.

Dalvin Cook (Florida State) vs. North Carolina – $6,400 (AFTERNOON)

North Carolina has definitely improved on defense, but it is still giving up a ton of points to running backs. Dalvin Cook is coming off an absolutely monster outing, and I expect him to keep it going in this game against North Carolina. The price is very fair, and I think he’ll be the highest scoring back on this slate.

Markell Jones (Purdue) vs. Maryland – $5,100 (PRIMETIME)

Jones isn’t priced very high at all here, and he will be going up against a very bad Maryland defense. He sees a ton of carries, and does get some looks out of the backfield when dump-offs occur. He has a very high upside for a matchup like this, and I expect him to end up in the vast majority of my lineups this weekend.

James Conner (Pittsburgh) vs. Marshall – $6,200 (EVENING)

I think Marshall still has one of the best defenses in college football, but I think they will have a tough time with Conner and Pittsburgh. We have all seen what he has done thus far this year, and I expect another big outing of him this weekend.

Royce Freeman (Oregon) vs. Washington State – $5,600 (LATE)

Freeman didn’t start last week due to an injury he suffered in week 2, so I would keep your eyes open for news. This is an excellent matchup for Freeman or whoever will be starting in his stead. Washington State is still giving up big outings to running backs, and this should be a high scoring affair, so I expect the starting Oregon running back to have a big week.



Mike Weber (Ohio State) vs. Rutgers – $4,500 (EARLY)

I know it might seem weird to see two Ohio State guys at the same position, but I can definitely see a situation where they both have big games against a very bad Rutgers defense. Weber is very cheap, so getting these guys into your lineup is going to be pretty easy.

Kerryon Johnson (Auburn) vs. ULM – $5,100 (AFTERNOON)

Johnson should be one everyone’s radar this week, as this is a step down in competition for an Auburn team coming off a high of a last second crazy win over LSU last week. He is priced very fairly which is what I like to see for a guy who could end up cracking the 25 point mark in a great matchup this week.

Joe Mixon (Oklahoma) vs. TCU – $4,600 (PRIMETIME)

Mixon is definitely a guy you only want to consider in your tournaments, as it is always tough to known what Oklahoma is going to try to do out of the backfield. He is a much more dynamic back than Samaje Perine, and his price puts him firmly in a place that we like to see. He’s a lock for all of my tournament lineups this weekend.

Joshua Jacobs (Alabama) vs. Kentucky – $3,700 (EVENING)

This is another situation that is completely dependent on injury, as there is no play here if Damien Harris is active. Jacobs looked like an absolute monster last week against Kent State, and quite honestly, I don’t think much more of Kentucky than I do of Kent State. If we do get wind that Harris is out, Jacobs is a lock for me.

Gerald Holmes (Michigan State) vs. Indiana – $3,800 (LATE)

The Michigan State backfield is always one that is difficult to figure out, but I am willing to take a look at Holmes at his low price this week. Indiana is an awful defense, so I think Michigan State should be able to score often this week. I like Holmes to get in on at least one.




Amba Etta-Tawo (Syracuse) vs. Notre Dame – $7,800 (EARLY)

I cannot believe how good Etta-Tawo has been this year, and he gets another good matchup here against a very bad Notre Dame defense. The price is up there, but he will be relied upon heavily to run the score up, as Notre Dame can definitely do the same. He’s an easy plug and play until proven otherwise.

Devin Ross (Colorado) vs. Oregon State – $5,800 (AFTERNOON)

Ross has been a star for this Buffaloes team this year, and I am definitely looking his way as they take on the Beavers in week 5. Ross has a ton of upside regardless of who is at quarterback, and his price isn’t even really that high.

Chad Hansen (California) vs. Utah – $8,900 (PRIMETIME)

Hansen has been one of the big surprises to start the year. I fully expect Utah to try to game plan to take Hansen out of the game, but I don’t think that will be successful. I would fully expect him to be able to get past the 100 yard mark, as well as get in the end zone continuing his hot streak.

James Quick (Louisville) vs. Clemson – $5,000 (EVENING)

Quick is priced unbelievably low for this matchup with Clemson. While it isn’t a bad defense, it also isn’t as good of a defense as many make it out to be. I think that he will have another big week and should make it into the vast majority of your fantasy lineups.

Gabe Marks (Washington State) vs. Oregon – $6,200 (LATE)

Marks seems to be frustrated in this offense, but after a week off, I expect him to feast on this awful Oregon defense. Marks is easily the best receiver on this team, and is Falk’s favorite target. Make sure you get him into your lineups, as it will pay dividends.



Noah Brown (Ohio State) vs. Rutgers – $4,900 (EARLY)

Fanpicks has just made it very easy on us to roster these Ohio State guys, so expect very high ownership levels on them. Brown has emerged as the top receiver for Ohio State in this short season, and I think he’s likely to have another big game here.

Drew Wolitarsky (Minnesota) vs. Penn State – $4,900 (AFTERNOON)

Penn State looks very bad on the defensive side of the ball, and while Minnesota isn’t a very potent offense, it does have some good pieces that can get the job done. Wolitarsky is easily Mitch Leidners favorite target, and I can very easily see him grabbing a bunch of catches and a touchdown, easily hitting value.

Josh Reynolds (Texas A&M) vs. South Carolina – $4,700 (PRIMETIME)

When Trevor Knight isn’t getting the job done by himself, he does have one of the best receiving units in the country to throw to. While I do think that Christian Kirk is a better overall playmaker, Reynolds is a stellar receiver, and this is just too low of a price for him.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (USC) vs. Arizona State – $4,200 (EVENING)

As mentioned previously, Arizona State has a horrible defense. This means that USC should be able to score a ton of point. I cannot imagine they do that without some type of contribution from JuJu Smith-Schuster. This is just way too low of a price, and there is no way I won’t have across the board ownership on him.

Darren Carrington (Oregon) vs. Washington State – $4,800 (LATE)

Carrington is another guy who is just priced too low for what he brings to the table. This game should be a shoot-out, and I think we’ll see Carrington have the potential to score several touchdowns. He should be priced at least into the late $5k’s, so we are getting a steal this weekend.



Jeremy Sprinkle (Arkansas) vs. Alcorn State – $4,000 (EARLY)

This early slate doesn’t have a ton of good options, but I’ll gladly take Sprinkle against Alcorn State. This is a very clear mismatch in talent, and quite honestly, one catch could be all it takes for him to make value this weekend.

Jaylen Samuels (North Carolina State) vs. Wake Forest – $5,800 (AFTERNOON)

Samuels is easily the tight end in college football with the highest upside, so there is no reason to not consider him here. Wake Forest does have a decent defense, but I think he should be able to find his way to another double digit game.

Jake Butt (Michigan) vs. Wisconsin – $4,600 (PRIMETIME)

Butt is another guy that I want, even in this tough matchup against Wisconsin. He is one of Speights favorite targets, and while he is a bit pricey, I think he is a guy you need to look at.

Evan Engram (Ole Miss) vs. Memphis – $5,400 (EVENING)

Engram is the second best tight end in terms of fantasy production, but I think he is easily the top tight end in terms of actual skill. He should have a nice career ahead of him, and he should also have a big game against Memphis this week.

Josiah Price (Michigan State) vs. Indiana – $3,400 (LATE)

Price hasn’t been used too much this year, but believe me when I say, he has a ton of upside. Also, Indiana is awful, so again, he could catch one pass and make value. His price is perfect on a slate where we do need to save money for Lamar Jackson.