College Football DFS Picks – 2016 Week 13

It’s hard to believe that the college football season is this close to completion, but boy, has it been a fun one! For those who are unaware, and yes, there appear to be a lot of people that are, you can play college football on Fanpicks. They’ve got some nice game slates this weekend, so let’s get onto the picks! This edition is for Friday games only.


Will Worth– I think most of us probably struggled to see how Navy was going to move on from Keenan Reynolds, and even though it took a few weeks, Will Worth has stepped up and taken charge. He is finally priced where he should be, so it won’t be as easy to just toss him in your lineup and moving on. As a result, I think we will see a little lower ownership, but not buying in on a guy who could very easily amass 100+ yards on the ground, as well as multiple touchdowns.

Nick Fitzgerald – Take the same sentiment above, and replace Keenan Reynolds with Dak Prescott. Nick Fitzgerald is turning it up right on time, as his team is getting ready to take on their rivals, Ole Miss, this weekend in the Egg Bowl. I suspect that Fitzgerald should have his way with an average defense, and should be in line to put it together another big game.

Sam Darnold – Darnold has looked very, very good this year, and there is no reason we should see him slowing down against a Notre Dame team that has completely and totally lost their way. As a result, there should be tons of opportunities for Darnold to lead this team downfield, and I could see him having his biggest game of the season.


Christian McCaffrey – McCaffrey has rebounded nicely after a few poor performances coupled with some health issues, and plays a Rice team that falls into this schedule oddly. Typically, we see non-conference games take place at the beginning of the year, but it looks like Stanford will be having theirs at the end. McCaffrey is a good bet for a monster game here.

Saquon Barkley– Barkley reminds me a lot of Jeremy Langford – in as much that he tends to play up to his competition. Many have said this is a trap game for Penn State, and I couldn’t disagree more. They are on their home field taking on a deflated Michigan State team, and I have a feeling the defense comes out flat and Barkley just runs over them.

Ryan Nall– The Pac-12 will have a major showdown on their hands. OK, well not really, but there are still some pretty good fantasy implications here as Oregon State looks to take on a really bad defensive Oregon Ducks team at home. Nall has been the main focus of this offense thus far this year, and it shouldn’t change this week as the Beavers take on one of the worst run defenses in the country in the Ducks. I look for him to score a few times and end up over 100 rushing yards.

Royce Freeman – Sticking in the same game, I like the idea of using Royce Freeman, who finally seems to be coming out of his season long funk. Oregon State isn’t exactly the beacon of defense, so I expect Freeman to find plenty of holes to work in and should come out of this game with one of his best of the year.


Mike Williams – I’m always looking to receivers who are likely to see a high amount of targets, as well as yardage and touchdowns. Mike Williams fits that bill perfectly. South Carolina, though Clemson’s rivals, shouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight with Williams, and it is highly likely he should be able to have a big game.

Isaiah Ford– Virginia has not been good on the defensive side of the ball this year, and I’m expecting Ford to have a monster day. He’s the top receiver on this Virginia Tech team, and quite frankly, in all of college football. The price is appropriate, and I think he’s got big upside here. Make sure you have some exposure to him.

James Quick – Quick’s price has fallen after a series of do it himself Lamar Jackson games, but I’m looking to buy in on him at this price in what should be another high scoring game as Lamar Jackson looks to try to solidify himself as the Heisman winner. I think Quick should have a big day and is worth the risk.

Courtland Sutton – Navy isn’t a slouch on defense, but SMU is performing well enough that I want to get a lot of exposure to their top player, Courtland Sutton. He’s locked in right now, and I fully expect him to see double-digit targets with the upside for multiple touchdowns as well. He makes a really nice play.

Isaiah Jones – What in the hell happened to Jones’ price? This is the most consistent receiver in all of college football, yet he is priced like a guy who only occasionally performs. I’ll have him in every single lineup I run, but so will everyone else. Quite frankly, he has to be in your lineup this week, or else you won’t win.


Evan Engram – Engram is definitely the top tight end in all of college football, and he gets a pretty good matchup here against Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl. I think you can fit him in to your lineups and I would expect another monster game.

David Njoku – Njoku is priced pretty low for someone who has been a top producer this year at the position, and I think he should have another nice game against the Blue Devils this week. He’s got some upside, and makes a nice savings to Engram.