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College Football DFS Breakdown – 2016 Week 12

It’s hard to believe that the college football season is this close to completion, but boy, has it been a fun one! For those who are unaware, and yes, there appear to be a lot of people that are, you can play college football on Fanpicks. They’ve got some nice game slates this weekend, so let’s get onto the picks!


Patrick Mahomes III (Afternoon/Primetime) – Mahomes is just an amazing quarterback for college football daily fantasy. He gets it done through the air and on the ground, which is exactly what we look for when we try to set up our fantasy lineups. He is very likely to have one of the top scores at the position, not just on this slate, but this weekend. I do think there are likely to be better point per dollar plays on this slate, but I don’t see anyone who I believe will exceed his total score.

Jake Browning (Evening) – There are three main reasons I want to focus on Browning on the evening slate. First, this team has a lot to play for after losing to USC last weekend. I cannot imagine that their morale will be down. In fact, I believe that they will play up to try to make the committee notice them again. Second, I think that the home field advantage will come into play. Third, this passing offense for Arizona State hasn’t been great this year, so I think he’ll have all the room he wants to operate. He’s priced fairly and should be in your lineups this weekend.

Dane Evans (Evening/Late) – Tulsa is a bit of a frustrating team in the respect that it is always difficult to figure out exactly how they are going to attack. For a few weeks, it was the ground game, but last week it was through the air. I think we will see some type of leveling this week, but I still think at his price, Dane Evans is someone that we can consider in our lineups. He has an excellent set of options to throw to, and he should be able to put up a nice score against UCF.


Joe Williams (Afternoon) – In such a little time, Joe Williams has come back to Utah and put up absolutely awesome numbers. This Oregon defense is one of the worst in all of the PAC-12, and I think Williams is likely to be able to cut through it at will. I don’t care what his price would be on this slate; he is going to be well worth it. He is my top overall play of the day – I believe he will have the biggest score on the slate today, and that’s saying a lot considering some of the games on the slate.

David Montgomery (Afternoon/Primetime) – It was announced this week that Montgomery was the new starting running back for Iowa State, and what a great time for that announcement. Texas Tech is absolutely awful at everything a defense should do, so Montgomery should have a lot of opportunity to work with. He’s priced like a backup, and should find plenty of chances to get through and score touchdowns. I will have him in everything that I do.

Saquon Barkley (Evening/Late) – Rutgers is another poor run defense, and Barkley is an excellent running back. There is no reason to not have him in your lineups this weekend, especially considering that the option on the later slates aren’t quite as good as the ones on the earlier slates. I would expect him to exceed 100 yards, and is a good chance that he should come through with a few touchdowns, adding to a spectacular year at Penn State.

Kennedy McCoy (Evening/Late) – The running back situation at West Virginia seems to be up in the air still. Rushell Shell was a game time decision last week, and he looks to be that way coming into this week. If he isn’t able to go and McCoy is, you are getting a guy in a good situation that is priced very well. I love the upside here as West Virginia tries to knock the Sooners out of playoff contention and make their own case before it is too late.


Isaiah Ford (Afternoon/Primetime) – Picking on Notre Dame should certainly have paid off for you this year, as they have been awful when it comes to defending against other football teams. Ford is the clear top target on this football team, and he should be able to put up a hefty amount of points this week. His price isn’t as high as some of the other guys, but carries a similar upside. I’ll have him a lot this weekend.

Allen Lazard (Afternoon/Primetime) – I don’t mind building a lineup with more than one player from Iowa State, and Lazard is the one I would want to go to at the wide receiver position. Texas Tech should have no answer to him this week, and it is likely that he and Montgomery could end up accounting for half a dozen touchdowns. I know that sounds optimistic, but if you’ve seen Texas Tech play this year, you’ll know that it is also realistic.

Steven Sims Jr. (Afternoon/Primetime) – Kansas has been a much better team this year, one that I think could actually hang with Texas. I think they’ll have to rely on the passing game to keep them in things, and that is where Sims will come in. He has been very good this year, and this matchup is very good. The price is right where it should be, yet I still think his ownership will be a little lower than it should be. He makes a nice tournament option.

Dede Westbrook (Evening/Late) – I don’t know if there is a more reliable receiver in college football than Westbrook, outside of probably Isaiah Jones. West Virginia has a pretty good defense, so I don’t know that Oklahoma will be able to impose their will as much as they have in the past few weeks, but I think they’ll still be able to score some points. I’d prefer using Westbrook than the running game, so that is why he is here.

Courtland Sutton (Evening/Late) – Sutton hasn’t exactly been the most reliable option in the passing game this year, but he is the most talented on the team. I would expect that he should find plenty of opportunities to score in this matchup against USF. He is way cheaper than I thought he was going to be this week, and I don’t think it is going to take too much for him to hit value this week. He’s one of my favorites.


Mason Schreck (Afternoon/Primetime) – If you can fit Jaylen Samuels in your lineup, it is always a good path to take. If not, I think Schreck is the next best option. This game with Western Michigan should be a fun one, but one that I would expect Buffalo to be behind in. If that is the way things go, Schreck should see a lot of attention in the passing game, and I think that will result in having a big fantasy day.

Evan Engram (Evening/Late) – Evan Engram is always one of the top options on the slate, even against a decent defensive Vanderbilt team. The price is up there, but I do believe that he should be able to put forth a good enough effort that it will reward his fantasy owners. I don’t think he’s the guy I want to build around, but he should be good enough.