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College Football DFS Picks – 2016 Week 11

The college football season is in full force right now and turning out some pretty awesome games in the process. This is another awesome slate of games that should give us a lot of opportunity to put together lineups that will win some money this week. Here are a few of my favorite plays this week in college football:


Will Worth (Early) – I don’t think this pick is just me being indebted to Worth for allowing me to take down the early tournament on Fanpicks last week or not, but I think it’s a price is right and production is there situation. Add to that, Tulsa is still not a good defense, so I would expect Worth and Navy to do whatever they want in this contest.

J.T. Barrett (Afternoon/Primetime) – Maryland is another team that doesn’t have a defense. Barrett hasn’t been as great as many has made him out to be this year, but there is little question in the fact that he should be able to tear this team apart. I love this upside here, and I think his price is far cheaper than it should be. I’m expecting a huge game here.

Quinton Flowers (Evening) – Flowers is one of the top quarterbacks in all of college football, but he won’t get the credit he deserves as a result of the team he plays for. I think he should be able to take it to Memphis, and I’m expect him to put up a score that gets him into the late-30’s or potentially even the early 40’s. He’s a top play on the evening slate.


James Flanders (Early) – It is still tough for me to rectify the fact that Tulsa has been running the ball so much, and so successfully, this year. Flanders has been an absolute monster, and even though DeAngelo Brewer is still in the mix, he is very well going to be tough to contain. Navy is a tough defense, but I think that Flanders should still put up a good score.

Curtis Samuel (Afternoon/Primetime) – Samuel has been basically the most consistent performer on this team, and as a result, should be very successful today. The price is perfect for a matchup like this, and I think he should be able to reach the end zone multiple times. He’s going in a lot of my lineups this weekend.

Corey Clement (Afternoon/Primetime) – One thing I really like about Clement is that he sees so many touches. That is something that I view as very important, because you are more likely to break more long runs the more you touch the ball. It is as simple as that. Illinois can certainly be had on the ground, and I think Clement will do that this weekend.

Jeremy McNichols (Evening) – Hawaii is just a bad defensive team, so we want to get all the exposure we can to them. McNichols is one of the top backs in all of college football, and this is a pretty good situation for him. I’ll gladly pay whatever price is asked, because it is likely that he will put up one of the biggest scores on the day.


Isaiah Jones (Early) – I mean, there is very little reason to not consider Jones here. He’s catching anywhere from 10-20 passes a game, which is an absurd amount of points on a full PPR site, and then you haven’t even factored in yards or touchdowns. He’s the top play of the week against a weak SMU defense.

James Washington (Afternoon/Primetime) – SMU has a weak defense, and Texas Tech is right before them. As a result, we need to consider some players from Oklahoma State, and due to his ability to separate from defensive backs, James Washington is one of the top guys we want to look at. He’s not even the most expensive receiver on the slate.

Linell Bonner (Afternoon/Primetime) – Bonner does carry a little more risk, but still, I think he is a viable play on this slate. Greg Ward hasn’t really focused on one guy for very long and does go week to week sometimes in terms of who he looks toward. He’s pretty cheap, and I think he could have a pretty good game here.

Anthony Miller (Evening) – All Miller does is produce, and he gets USF this week in a game that he should be able to take advantage of. Additionally, I think the game should stay really close, meaning the Tigers will have to keep moving the ball through the air. He makes a play with a nice floor on the evening slate this weekend.

Gabe Marks (Late) – Marks has double-digit touchdowns this year, but his yardage total is highly questionable. He is more risky than he would have been even last year, but I want to take a chance and hope that he can have a big game like in years past. The price is fair and the matchup is good.


Jaylen Samuels (Early/Afternoon) – One team I really like to pick on is Syracuse. Dino Babers’ teams are always the same: all offense and no defense. That is exactly what we have going on here. Samuels should be able to find a lot of openings to do big things, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he had his biggest game of the year.

Evan Engram (Evening) – I expect this game to be an interesting one, and I think it will be full of fantasy points. I’ll gladly use Engram, who is potentially the best tight end in all of college football here. He’s definitely likely to have a big game and, while the price is expensive, he could certainly pay off.