College Football DFS Picks – 2016 Week 10

The college football season is in full force right now and turning out some pretty awesome games in the process. This is another awesome slate of games that should give us a lot of opportunity to put together lineups that will win some money this week. Here are a few of my favorite plays this week in college football:


Will Worth (Early) – If you play college football DFS, then you’ll know basically at the quarterback position, 9/10 times you are looking for a guy who offers some type of a dual threat. Worth is picking up right where Keenan Reynolds left off, and has been putting together some pretty solid fantasy games. He’s priced well below both of the top options on the Early slate, and should be someone that you put serious thought into putting in your roster this week.

Seth Russell (Afternoon/Primetime) – TCU has been a brutal defense all year, except somehow last week against Texas Tech. There is very little chance that we will see them have the same luck against Baylor this week, especially as they are coming off a loss that destroyed not just their own, but all of the BIG 12’s, chances of being in the college football playoffs. This matchup plays to all of Russell’s strengths and he is an easy top play on the day.

Jake Browning (Late) – It’s a crying shame that the Playoff Committee was so short sighted to keep Washington out of the Top 4, but no matter, they’ll get there anyway. Cal has been beaten up by strong passing games over the past few years, and nothing should keep Browning from being able to rack up the fantasy points in this game. He’s a great play.


D’Onta Foreman (Early) – One of the best formulas to follow for success in college football daily fantasy is to target whichever running back is playing Texas Tech’s defense. This week, it happens to be one of the best in the nation in Freeman, who has been tearing it up all year. This is an easy choice for me, and I will do whatever I can on the early slate to make sure he makes it into my lineups.

Christian McCaffrey (Afternoon/Primetime) – McCaffrey came back from his injury in a big way last week, and gets an ideal matchup against the Oregon State defense that should give him every opportunity to prove that he is still one of the best overall players in college football. I think some people have forgotten that, and I’m sure after this week, they’ll remember again.

De’Veon Smith (Afternoon/Primetime) – Smith is a deep punt option as Harbaugh’s running back rotations are a mixture of emjois and four letter words. He is the worst. Anyway, it looks like for now Smith should be the lead dog [stop me if you’ve heard this before], and I think he should be able to find enough room to run against a tough *cough cough* Maryland defense. He’s cheap and he’s got huge upside in a good matchup.

Nick Chubb (Evening) – Chubb is just way too cheap here against a Kentucky defense that has been decent but shouldn’t be able to stop a talented runner like Chubb. He’s a situation similar to McCaffrey where I think people have forgotten how good he is, and I think after this week, we’ll all remember why he was a Heisman sleeper coming into the year.


Austin Carr (Early) – Austin Carr is the man in his city and Northwestern, and this team finally has a capable playmaker outside of Justin Jackson. I expect Carr to be needed if this Northwestern team intends on standing toe to toe with Wisconsin, and he should see his normal production with a multiple touchdown being the upside here.

Ishmael Zamora (Afternoon/Primetime) – I expect a lot of points to be scored in this game, but the Baylor offense can be tough to predict some time. I think that at his price, Zamora needs to be looked at long and hard because the upside here is huge, and we’ve seen him do it a few times this year. He’s my favorite play in this price range at wide receiver on this slate.

Isaiah Ford (Afternoon/Primetime) – Ford is a target monster, and even against a somewhat stingy Duke defense, Ford should be able to find his way into production this week. He’s the top playmaker on this offense, and is always a threat for a 8 catch, 100+ yard multi touchdown game, and that is what Virginia Tech will need out of him this week.

JuJu Smith-Schuster (Evening) – Now that Sam Darnold is slinging the rock, the upside of JuJu is back. The matchup here against Oregon is golden, and JuJu is someone that I think you are mistaken if you are leaving out of your lineup. He’s been a top receiver in college football for a few years now and should be at the top of your list on this slate.

Isaiah Jones (Evening/Late) – We can’t talk about receivers without talking about Jones, who has been the best of the best this year. He’s not a big touchdown guy, but he’s getting like 15 catches and 100+ yards a game, and as long as he is doing that, he goes on this list.


Evan Engram (Early) – Georgia Southern should stand no chance against the Ole Miss offense, and I am expecting Engram to be able to eat. He’s going to cost you, but I do think that the upside offered here isn’t going to be found with a single other tight end on the slate.

Pharaoh Brown (Evening) – After his outbreak last week, it looks like after two years Brown may finally be back. The price is fair and his upside is huge, and I think the Ducks will have to air the ball out to stay close with USC.