One day after the Pacers acquired Jeff Teague to take over point guard duties, the team acquired veteran power forward Thaddeus Young. The Pacers are clearly a team that plans on at least trying to compete with the Cavs in 2016. Let’s see how this trade breaks down.

Indiana receives: Thaddeus Young

Brooklyn receives: 20th pick in the 2016 draft and a future 2nd rounder.

For someone of Young’s talent, that is a great deal. It is difficult to see exactly how the disbursement of points will play out, but we will take out best shot at doing so.


Projected Starting Five

PG – Jeff Teague, SG – Monta Ellis, SF – Paul George, PF – Thaddeus Young, C – Myles Turner

Well, that was fast. The Pacers definitely look like a team that are very serious about competing in the upcoming season. This is a formidable starting five, instantly making them one of the best in the conference. The crazy part is there are still moves to be made, and they might be done. This has instantly become one of the teams I am most interested in coming into the 2016 season. This team has been covered extensively already, so if you want to read more about the off season outlook, check out out Teague/Hill write-up here.


Projected Starting Five

PG – Jarrett Jack, SG – Markel Brown, SF – Bojan Bogdanovic, PF  – Chris McCullough, C – Brook Lopez

I certainly don’t need to tell you that, even with Young, the Nets were not on a good trajectory. Without him, they MAY be in a better position, but it certainly will not be in the short term. The Nets were able to start to get some future assets back. This year, the Celtics have their first round pick, which wound up as a top three pick. Even the rest of this starting lineup isn’t exactly static either.

The Nets free agency situation is pretty rough. Both Markel Brown and Willie Reed are restricted free agents, with Wayne Ellington, Sergey Karasev, Shane Larkin, Thomas Robinson, Henry Sims and Donald Sloan are all unrestricted free agents. I really don’t believe that anyone on that list is an absolute must for a rebuilding team to hold on to, so it should really be an interesting summer for the Nets and their fans.

So, where does this leave the fantasy values? For sure, Thad drops a few spots, as he is entering into an environment where he probably won’t be a focal point of the offense. I think he’ll still have use in daily fantasy on occasions, but he is a tough sell for me in season long leagues. Outside of that, the Nets landscape is far too fuzzy to really get a good read right now. I’m sure we’ll see a clearer picture in a few weeks.