Derrick Rose wasn’t the only star player that was moved yesterday. Both George Hill and Jeff Teague left their present teams and will find new homes for the 2016-17 NBA season. The trade broke down as follows:

Indiana receives: Jeff Teague

Utah receives: George Hill

Atlanta receives: 12th pick in the draft

Teague was a name that had been mentioned in trade talks with the increased quality of play by Dennis Schroder, and now it has come to pass. Hill is a little more surprising, but you quickly learn that in the NBA, nothing is surprising. Both teams made the playoffs in the 2015-16 season, while Utah was kept out due to a loss to the Lakers in Kobe’s final game.

This trade should certainly have some interesting implications, so let’s take a look at what the impact will be.


Projected Starting Five:

PG – Jeff Teague, SG – Monta Ellis, SF – Paul George, PF – Myles Turner, C – Ian Mahinmi

Paul George returned to his All Star form in 2015, and the next step forward should come this year. Ellis had a nice year as well, and projects to continue to play at his current level in 2016. Perhaps the biggest surprise was center Ian Mahinmi, who backed up Roy Hibbert for years, and finally got the opportunity to start and he made the best of it. I would imagine that Turner should see the starting nod in his second year after an impressive rookie year. Teague is a better offensive weapon than George Hill, but a slight downgrade on the defensive end. Overall, it appears that this team improved.

As stated above, Hill will be a loss on the defensive end, but this team isn’t playing the tight defense it has in the past. They may play at a slow pace, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to tight D. The team is going to face some difficulties with a handful of unrestricted free agents: Jordan Hill, Solomon Hill, Ty Lawson and, most importantly, Mahinmi. I would expect the team to attempt to resign Mahinmi due to his level of play last year.


Projected Starting Five:

PG – George Hill, SG – Rodney Hood, SF – Gordon Hayward, PF – Derrick Favors, C – Rudy Gobert

I believed that Utah was the biggest test to the Warriors last year because of how they match up. I was not wrong, as this team gave them fits when they played. George Hill fits with this team well, and, while he might not be a good or great fantasy asset, he is going to be a big help from a basketball perspective. This team was a playoff contender, and now has to be taken just a little more seriously. This does not include the amount of talented bench players they have, with players like Dante Exum, Shelvin Mack, Alec Burks and Trey Lyles all having serious potential and talent.

The only free agent situation the team is looking at is Trevor Booker. I am a big fan of Booker, but it is tough to see the necessity with Lyles, Jeff Withey and Tibor Pleiss all in position to further develop. I imagine that they will try to bring him back, as he does bring a nice spark off the bench, but I don’t think it will break them if he signs elsewhere.


Projected Starting Five:

PG – Dennis Schroder, SG – Kyle Korver, SF – Kent Bazemore, PF – Paul Millsap, C – Al Horford

If this trade did anything, it accelerated the fantasy value of Dennis Schroder through the roof. He had been a community favorite for the past two years, but now it looks as if the control of the offense will be given to him. He proved to be good fit for this offense, and it should still be one of the leagues most interesting offenses for fantasy purposes this year. Millsap should continue to dominate I think Bazemore looks to be able to develop further.

The team’s free agency situation sees both Bazemore and Horford as unrestricted free agents. The team desperately wants to keep Horford in the mix, desiring to move both of their first round picks to free up the cap to be able to resign him. Bazemore should be a priority for the team as well, thought not as high as Horford. The remaining free agents are Kirk Hinrich, Kris Humphries and Mike Muscala. The team could afford to lose any of those players, but there is some concern in terms of depth on the bench.

The fantasy impact here is right on the shoulders of Dennis Schroder. He is the clear cut beneficiary of these deals, as he will now go from the sixth man to the starting point guard duties. He will certainly jump up the draft boards in drafts now because of this. Jeff Teague also gets a slight bump, considering his fit on the Pacers should be slightly better than with the Hawks from 2015. Often times, Teague was on the bench down the stretch because Schroder was playing at a higher level. I can’t imagine that being the case this coming year in Indiana.