Shockwaves were felt today as former NBA MVP Derrick Rose was traded from the Chicago Bulls to the New York Knicks. The trade broke down as follows:

New York receives: Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday, 2017 second round pick

Chicago receives: Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon

There have been rumors about a Rose deal for some time now, as the former number one pick has been a shell of himself, due to his vast injury history. It had been rumored that either Rose or Butler were going to be moved from this Bulls team, and while the jury is still out on whether Butler will play basketball in Chicago in 2016, all signs are point to him staying.

This trade is an interesting one, so let’s take some time to analyze what the impact will be.


Projected Starting Five:

PG – Derrick Rose, SG – Arron Afflalo, SF – Carmelo Anthony, PF – Derrick Williams, C – Kristaps Porzingis

I’ve taken some freedom in construction the frontcourt, as it is tough to say exactly how things will shake out with Lopez departing. Regardless, this is the best point guard that Carmelo has played with in New York in quite some time. While Rose has lost a step since his dominating early days in the league, he is still a player that will keep defenses honest, and allow room on the floor for Carmelo and Porzingis to run their offensive game.

The biggest lost in this situation will be Robin Lopez, who played very well in the 2015-16 season. Replacing him, at this point, will be some combination of Kyle O’Quinn, Kevin Seraphin, Derrick Williams and Lou Amundson; not exactly the most threatening barrage of players to throw at an opposing lineup. Considering all but O’Quinn are unrestricted free agents during this offseason, it is highly likely that there will be some additions to give the Knicks front court some better depth.


Projected Starting Five:

PG – E’Twaun Moore, SG – Jimmy Butler, SF – Mike Dunleavy, PF – Pau Gasol, C – Robin Lopez

I cannot see Jose Calderon starting at the point this year. He was very bad last year, and abused often on the defensive side of the ball. During the time where Derrick Rose was out [imagine that], Moore looked capable of handling the point duties, though expectations of him should be kept to a minimum. The Bulls do have some nice, young players, especially Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic on the bench.

Well, maybe on the bench. The Bulls are facing a pretty touch free agency situation, with Moore, Gasol, Joakim Noah and Aaron Brooks all set to become unrestricted free agents when the new league year starts. Gasol and Noah would do a number to really thin out the frontcourt if they leave, which some believe they will. I am a fan of both Lopez and Jerian Grant, though it is still early for Grant and he still needs to develop further.

So now what is the fantasy impact? Rose isn’t a guy that I am really looking at targeting to begin with due his well documented injury history. I don’t really think his presence is going to do more for the stock of Carmelo or Porzingis. I think Porzingis has a good year ahead of him, but I just don’t think it is a result of Rose. Holiday could possibly do a little more than he did in Chicago with a variety of the Knicks backcourt set to become free agents.

On the Chicago side of things, I really like the spot for Lopez with both Gasol and Noah as big question marks. As I mentioned earlier, he had a really nice year for where he was drafted, and will likely be drafted similarly this year because he truly lacks the name value. I’m just not a believer in Calderon at this point in his career, especially on this team. I think there is a spot for Grant on this team, and he could be part of the youth movement that Fred Hoiberg is interested in moving with. Finally, I think E’Twaun Moore could stand to be the biggest beneficiary, if the team decides to resign him and hand him the reigns to the point guard position. I am skeptical that this will be the route, but it is a possibility.