Now that the NFL Draft is complete, and all the action has subsided, we need to take a look at each division and break down what was accomplished in their draft, in terms of fantasy production.


Houston made a lot of moves in the offseason, grabbing Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller. They also had one of the best offensive drafts. They grabbed center Nick Martin from Notre Dame, who will help in both the passing and running game. They also added WR’s Will Fuller from Notre Dame and Braxton Miller from Ohio State. Fuller specifically should help DeAndre Hopkins and his double teams. Miller will still need to progress, as he has played the position for less than a year. The most interesting pick to me is Tyler Ervin, running back from San Jose State. I watched a lot of Ervin the past few years, and he is a dynamic playmaker with good hands and vision. I truly believe he is going to eat away at what everyone thinks Lamar Miller is going to get.

The team boasts a very good defense, and it should be one of the first off the board in all draft formats this year. They deepened their units by adding safety KJ Dillon from West Virginia and defensive tackle DJ Reader from Clemson. They will give depth and possible special team help.


Interestingly, the Colts took absolutely no skill position players in the draft. I do believe they have a good receiving unit, but their running back position could have used and upgrade. What they did do is tried to ensure that Andrew Luck didn’t die in the 2016 season. They drafted two centers and two tackles. This should help a unit that caused multiple injuries for Luck, including a lacerated kidney. You don’t want this situation to repeat itself.

The team also made some rather uninspiring moves on defense, at least on the surface. It was not a good defense in 2015, and 2016 feels the same way. The teams chief defensive draft pick was safety TJ Green from Clemson. He should be able to start immediately, but I don’t know how much of an upgrade he is going to be.


Quite bluntly put, the Jaguars really don’t need to do anything on offense. They are pretty stacked there, and we unquestionably one of the best teams in 2015. The team did draft QB Brandon Allen from Arkansas, who they will likely hope to develop into either a capable backup or trade bait.

As if the defensive moves in free agency were not enough, the Jaguars were able to grab both Jalen Ramsey and Myles Jack in the first 40 picks. That is insane. They continued by picking up Yannick Ngakoue from Maryland, who should contribute immediately, as well as DT Sheldon Day from Notre Dame. This defense is shaping up to be an excellent late round selection, and potentially a top one in dynasty formats.


The Titans made one of the more curious moves in the draft by selecting Derrick Henry, RB from Alabama. After making the move in the offseason for DeMarco Murray, and an unquestioned need at WR, the team selected another bruising RB. It appears as if they just plan to run the ball this year, so maybe that’s a good thing for Henry’s fantasy stock. The team only selected one receiver, Tajae Sharpe from Massachusetts. Sharpe was highly productive during his time there, and hopefully he can in Tennessee as well. It’s going to be tough to go from the MAC to the NFL. The biggest moves were Jack Conklin and Sebastian Tretola, both offensive lineman. Conklin will be a bookend immediately, and create space for both Murray and Henry.

The Titan’s defense wasn’t good or bad in 2015, but they still needed to made improvements. They started on the line with Kevin Dodd from Clemson and Austin Johnson from Penn State. Expect to see these guys in the rotation immediately and they will make the unit much stronger. The team also used most of their remaining picks on defensive depth. The team looks to be a grinder again in 2016, with most of the focus on the run and a good defense.