6/1/17: Fantasy Football Mock Draft – 2017 Week 1

Being that it is now shockingly June 1st, I feel like it is a good time to start really pumping out the NFL content. Starting Monday, I will begin updating mock draft ADP’s. I don’t know if we will have it done this year or not, but I want to be able to track it as well.

Once a week, usually on Thursday or Friday, I will do a mock draft from a different position to see what the teams look like. I am taking a step out of my comfort zone here in some of the picks I made, but overall, I am very happy with how this team looks and would not have any issue throwing this out there the first week of the season.

I started this draft out with pick number one. I figured for the first time this year, why not start from the draft position I have literally never gotten in any of my fantasy drafts. For me, the decision was easy: it’s David Johnson. Johnson is expected to see an increase in carries and while I think he could lose some receptions that made his fantasy value so great last year I think he will more than make up for it with the amount of times that he will touch the ball. So for me, easy first pick. On to the next two.

From there I stepped out of my comfort zone, once I realized all the players at the receiver position I would like weren’t there. I decided to go with Rob Gronkowski and Isaiah Crowell with my swing picks. Gronk is easily the best tight end in football and even though I’ve been stubborn over the past few years with drafting him because of perceived injury concerns, I’m going all-in this year where and when I can get him at a reasonable spot. By my rankings, the Cleveland offensive line is now the third best in all of football based off of last year’s numbers and I think that will give Isaiah Crowell a better potential for this year. He is one of the earliest sleepers and in drafts. I’m noticing him go off the board earlier and earlier each draft I do, and I personally have him ranked as a top-10 back, so I had no qualms about taking him with my third pick. For the first time in about 5 years, I’ve started my draft off with no wide receivers within my first three picks.

I definitely don’t feel comfortable going past rounds 4 and 5 without picking up two receivers that I think could be in for a solid year. The first I grabbed was Davante Adams in a Green Bay offense that we know is a high-potency offense. I think he’ll be able to play second fiddle to Jordy Nelson well and I think he will eclipse 1000 yards and sniff double-digit touchdowns, making him in my opinion a steal where you’re getting him. Next up, I took Donte Moncrief, who is someone I was on last year and even though he’s dealt with injuries himself over the course of his career, he profiles to me as the most sure bet for touchdowns in this Colts offense. Hilton will always be the guy that gets the yardage but Moncrief has Luck’s attention in the red zone.

The truth is I’ve been doing mock drafts for weeks now, so I kind of know the direction I’m going with each draft and I know that there were a number of running backs being taken later that I have high hopes for. Because of this, I was willing to go with another duo of wide receivers with my next set of picks. That led me to Jamison Crowder and DeVante Parker. The Washington offense is being looked down on right now because of departures and a variety of other things, but the rapport that Crowder has with Kirk Cousins should be even better this year and I could see him posting career-high totals. Again, I think he’s a big-time value where he’s being drafted. DeVante Parker has a ton of upside in this Dolphins offense and is already being talked up by his coaches. He’s the riskiest of the bunch, but I could see him surprising with a double-digit touchdown campaign in 2017. Honestly, I feel solid with my running backs being David Johnson and Isaiah Crowell, my tight end being Rob Gronkowski, and 4 receivers that I could move in and out of my lineups in Davante Adams, Donte Moncrief, Jamison Crowder and DeVante Parker.

At this point, I figure I might as well add a quarterback. I aimed to add either Marcus Mariota or Russell Wilson a few rounds earlier in the draft, but they were taken before the draft got back to me. One thing about quarterbacks is there’s no shortage of them and I’m fine taking Jameis Winston where I got him. He’s got much better weaponry around him this year and I like the upside with this pick. I also grabbed Derrick Henry with my next pick. I’m not necessarily a believer that DeMarco Murray is on the downswing of his career, but Henry showed us enough last season that I feel like he could be poised for a breakout season here.

Another running back who is getting no love because of the addition of Eddie Lacy is CJ Prosise. Lacy is here because Green Bay just didn’t trust him with the full-time running back duties and while Seattle could certainly be a running back by committee situation, I wouldn’t be shocked to see Prosise impress enough to see the lion’s share of carries and targets. I also couldn’t let Doug Martin slip much lower than this. Perhaps it was just this draft that saw him drafted so low, but if this is where he’s going to be drafted at, it’s insane to me to leave him for someone else to take when he could be a top 20 back in the league.

I’m not huge on Kevin White, but someone on this Bears team is going to have to catch passes and I’m a fan of where he’s coming off the board. The talent is there but the ability to stay on the field thus far though has not been. I’m curious to see what happens with Mike Gillislee in fantasy draft this year. It looks like he’ll be taking over the LeGarrette Blount role in New England which has always been a favorable situation for fantasy running backs. I’m not the first to say it, but if he’s the last position player you’re taking in your fantasy draft, he may end up being the biggest steel you’ve gotten in your fantasy league.

I’m big on the New York Giants defense and there they were sitting waiting for me after I picked all of the skill positions I wanted to. I would expect them to have another solid campaign and week in and week out they should have good numbers for you. I am always going to take a kicker from a team that scores a lot of points or at least drive the ball downfield to the point where the kicker can come in to kick field goals, so that’s we have Chris Boswell. All the League’s I set up will not feature tickers, because I’d much rather have an additional offensive position.

The more I sit back and reflect on this lineup the more I really like it. I have a feeling this is something that will not be able to be done in the middle and late August when we are putting together our fantasy teams but it’s fun for now . Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts, questions or comments in this article. I’m always down to talk fantasy football.

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