Turning the clock back on this one, as I start this article by saying: draft Running Backs early this year. There seems to be a plethora of receivers going mid to late rounds this year that have all the tools and pieces to help them succeed into fantasy stars. Running Backs get very fair to middling once the top 20-25 backs are chosen. No one should be expecting Dalvin Cook or Mark Ingram to be stud backs. Talented, yes, but I’m not predicting the biggest fantasy years from a lot of backs being ranked below #25. Receivers, on the other hand, seem to have a plethora of players that have the chance to be stars on your team. So I’m calling for a RB heavy early draft, then get these guys come the later and mid round selections.

Willie Snead – Snead has been one of the most talked about WR2 this entire offseason. Once Brandin Cooks went north for New England, the imaginations started running wild for Snead. On a team that can throw the ball with the best of them, a defense that seems to be one of the worst on paper, a QB who’s got a knack for making stars out of players, Willie Snead seems to be in the best position to flourish. Second year starter Michael Thomas has been given the reigns of WR1 on the Saints, meaning he’ll see more double coverages on his side. Snead will play a lot of one on one which can give him all the chances in the world to put up monster numbers. Ted Ginn was signed to be their deep threat, but lacks great hands. Coleman has beefed up through the offseason but has never broke out and I don’t intend for that to happen in 2017. Watch out for Snead to be the best receiver in the NFC South.

Pierre Garcon– Garcon has been a guy I mentioned a lot through articles, podcasts, conversations. He’s looking electric through camp and goes back to Kyle Shanahan. The volume will be plentiful for Garcon as Shanahan’s top WR is in the top 10 of fantasy scoring receivers almost every year. Garcon, himself, being a prime example when he unleashed the fury in 2013. Having his career year under Shanahan may have played a big part in rejoining him only this time on the west coast. His QB play, seems lackluster to many but in reality could be perfect. Hoyer joins the 49ers after a beautiful stretch of starts in Chicago. He started and finished 4 games last year, posting over 300 yards in every game with six touchdowns and zero interceptions. Garcon has gone on record saying that he’s impressed with Hoyer already, and loves his deep ball and how often he wants to throw it. Garcon has never been a touchdown machine, but in a PPR format this guy has the chance to be a WR1, easily.

John Brown – John ‘Smoke’ Brown has also been a guy that is being high touted this offseason but still doesn’t see his ADP moving exponentially high. He is feeling and looking better than his 2016 campaign where he dealt with sickle-cell disease. Before last season his stats were trending upward in an eye-popping style. Now without Floyd, Brown is set to be the clear-cut #2 receiver in Arizona behind Larry Fitzgerald. Brown has looked flashy and fast in early reports this year. Given a healthy Palmer and a running game that would scare the 2000 Ravens defense, it seems as if all eyes can’t be on the speedster. He will find himself in many promising matchups which gives him a chance to be better than his sophomore year. In case you’ve forgotten, a sophomore year, that consisted of 101 targets, 1,003 yards and 7 touchdowns. Improving those numbers is likely and scary. You should be targeting Brown in every draft as mentioned many times by me and other fantasy enthusiasts.