2017 Fantasy Football Mock Draft – 12th Spot

Last week, we started breaking down our first mock draft of the year, doing it from the first position. Well, if you are going to start from the top in the first one, you might as well drop to the bottom in the next one.

This was actually the first one I’ve done now that Yahoo has decided to rank the rookies in the right way. Before, Leonard Fournette had a high ADP, but he wasn’t listed with the veterans. I’m still not sure what sense that made. I will admit as well that I had to redo this once, as I was in the midst of a telephone call and drafted my first four picks with the same bye week – oops!


At pick 12, there wasn’t much I really liked, so I “settled” with A.J. Green. Truth be told, I was happy to get him there, so it really wasn’t me settling, but I was just trying to prepare myself because of how much of a gap there is between 1-12. It was either him or Michael Thomas, as I didn’t like the running backs available other than my next pick. I really like Michael Thomas, but I ultimately settled on Green at one. Jay Ajayi was my next pick at 13. I like the upside for him, as long as Adam Gase sticks to his word and we see him carry the ball 300 times. I think it’s within reason, so he was a no brainer over taking two receivers.

I’ve been doing enough mocks that I knew where I was going to go with one of my next picks, but I was shocked to see Alshon Jeffery there at the end of round 3. I’ll gladly take him there. He might carry some risk, but this is a better situation for him and I could see him returning excellent value. The guy I would have been going for with that pick was still there, so I took Isaiah Crowell with my fourth round pick. I think this is excellent value here. I have the Browns ranked as my 3rd OL as long as Cam Erving isn’t the RT. At this point, I am very happy with things.

I wanted to finish my starting receiving unit off with Donte Moncrief and I got that. There is an opinion that Kamar Aiken could supplant him, but I am confident Moncrief will be fine. He’s been a favorite of Luck’s in the red zone, and even though he’s more touchdown dependent than I’d like, he’s my WR3, so I’m not freaking out. I then did something I told myself I’d never do again, and I drafted a Denver running back. C.J. Anderson in the sixth seemed like solid value, and I think as a worst case scenario, I could trade him if he did well for a few weeks straight.

I missed out on Russell Wilson and Marcus Mariota, so I’ll wait for my next tier of quarterbacks. I like Jameson Crowder more than any of the other Washington receivers this year. He’s got that rapport with Cousins and I think he’s the guy, especially for the games Jordan Reed will inevitably miss due to injury. I then reached for Hunter Henry. I don’t care what anyone else says, this kid is for real, and, even though Antonio Gates will grab a touchdown or two to get his record, this is now the Hunter Henry show. I think at the end of the year, it will look like I got good value here.


I don’t know why there is no love for DeVante Parker, but in the 9th round, I am all in on him. I hate that he and Moncrief have the same bye week, but it’s important to remind myself that this is a mock draft, and I am not stuck to this team. I could see Parker having his biggest year yet, and potentially flirt with WR2 value. Jarvis Landry doesn’t score touchdowns, so someone has to. I traded Dak away in my dynasty league [don’t worry, I won that deal], but now I am having slight regrets. If I would have waited into this year, I could have potentially moved him for more, because, with as bad as this defense is, I can see him having to sling it to win games. Many are expecting regression, but I think he could do well again.

Eli Manning is another guy I am high on this year. There is no running game in New York. Well, they have to score somehow. Eli Manning it is! Yeah, the interceptions will be there, but he’s got trade candidate written all over him. C.J. Prosise is a sleeper pick. He could be in a good position to start the year. I’m not underselling Eddie Lacy or Thomas Rawls, though. They both have the upside to get things done, but I have a gut feeling that Prosise ends up the winner here.

Quincy Enunwa isn’t getting drafted. If I’ve learned anything from watching the Browns over the years is that even bad teams can have quality fantasy players. Enunwa is the last many left, at least if they do end up getting rid of Eric Decker. I have no problem buying in here. The Jacksonville defense is a bit underrated, and isn’t the disaster it was a few years back. The ones I wanted were gone, and I don’t mind using the Jags, even if it is only for a few weeks. I picked a kicker too. Woo hoo.

All things considered, don’t like the floor of this team as much as the one I made last week from pick 1, but it’ has a good ceiling. Things change a lot, so I’m very interested to see how things fall going into next weeks article.


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