2017 Fantasy Football K/DEF Rankings Analysis – June

It certainly has been an active week for our position rankings. On Monday, we will be posting our overall rankings in standard format for the 2017 football season. I hope to have PPR rankings done a little bit closer to the season. You can find our rankings here, and you can find our analysis on our rankings at the following locations:


Running Back

Wide Receiver

Tight End

This will definitely be the least exciting post of the week, as kickers and defenses don’t exactly make for the most exciting fantasy picks. Nonetheless, we have to spend some time breaking down our thoughts, but trust me, it will be quick.

I’m going to keep discussion on kickers really short: play in leagues without them. A few months ago, I posted an article that showed that there was some much variance in kicker performance that it was maddening for fantasy owners who lost games/leagues because of them. Do you get excited when your kicker gets on the field, or would you rather find another offensive player to use? I think it’s a pretty easy answer from my perspective.

If you do feel the need to join a league with a kicker, or like me, just do a lot of random Yahoo paid leagues, the strategy is simple. I usually draft another offensive player and no kicker at all. I think use the few weeks/days before the season to try to consolidate two of my picks in order to upgrade, and then pick whoever is facing a poor defense that week. It has worked for me for years now. If I can’t find a trade partner, I’ll just drop the player I like least and grab a kicker.

NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER draft a kicker before the last round. Save me your BS about how Steven Gostkowski in the 6th round won your league. Guess what? You play with morons. That’s how you win your league when you draft a kicker in round six. Harsh? Who cares. The truth hurts.

Defenses are always my second to last pick. Unless you end up with an elite defense, and a lot of the time they aren’t the first off the board, you most likely end up picking them up from the waiver wire.

To me, the top five defenses are all really at about the same range. The Patriots are a team I could bump up, and I think there are too many questions between the Bills and the Jets. The Bills to a lesser extent, but with question marks in 4 of their games, that’s a foot up on a lot of other teams.

I think the Giants are probably my favorite defense this year, based off of where they are getting drafted. I think they could end up having another solid year, and it wouldn’t shock me to see them on the field a lot this year. The Giants offensive line isn’t great, and that means Eli will be hounded a lot.

I’m really hesitant to grab a defense outside of those in the top 10, but as long as you are taking your kicker last, you shouldn’t have to worry about that, unless people are drafting 2 defenses. In that case, you won’t have to worry because you are a leg up on them in the areas where it matters most.

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