The 2016 NFL football season is winding down, and boy, did it fly by. Let me admit my regrets:

I convinced myself I’ve hated the NFL over the last few years, which is something that isn’t true. I am not a resolutions person, but I am going to give the NFL the respect it deserves. After all, it has made me money, and it is still a very exciting sport!

I am writing this on the brink of the conference championship games but it donned on me that we should probably do some looking into what we called right and what we called wrong for season long formats – and believe me, we had our fair share of both. Let’s start with the guys I had listed as sleepers.

Jameis Winston – Well, Winston had an average season from fantasy perspectives. He finished around 16th position in normal scoring, but that was on a team with no legitimate number two receiver or consistent running game. I do think he will be better in 2017, and I would expect that he will be on the list when the next version of our lists come out.

Derek Carr – Carr finished at number ten at the position, and most likely would have finished as high as 7th if he had not sustained an injury that took him out of roughly the last 1 ¼ games of the season. All things considered, this was a nice hit for those who drafted him in the late rounds of the draft.

Marcus Mariota – Mariota finished 13th at the position, which I do believe was higher than drafted. Mariota was very streaky, and had about a five game span where he might have been the best quarterback in fantasy terms during that time. With the addition of a legit number one receiver, he could be a top 5 guy.

Matt Ryan – Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Ryan was definitely the top guy from this list, and I complete and total winner when it comes to value. Ryan finished number two behind Aaron Rodgers on the year, and could very well another big year in 2017.

Robert Griffin III – Take everything I said for Ryan, and go to the other end of the spectrum. I’m so sorry I said this.

Melvin Gordon – Here is another home run. Gordon finished eighth at the position, and based off where he was drafted, that was a massive win. I’m unsure of how he finishes in 2017.

Matt Jones – Nope

Duke Johnson, Jr. – Nope

Bilal Powell – Kind of. He had a very slow start, but picked up down the stretch, much like the 2015 campaign. Jets management is going to have to decide if they view him as a real back or not.

Christine Michael – Well, at first, this looked like a slam dunk. Then once Thomas Rawls came back, and Michael ended up on the Packers, things went south fast. We’ll call this a good while it lasted pick.

Alfred Morris – Elliot never went down, so there was no real run for Morris. I would still advocate taking him for the same reasons next year.

Torrey Smith – He was one of the top sleepers on the year, and he was awful. He needs a new team where he can be the number two guy, as I don’t see him as a capable number one.

Tavon Austin – Same old story, same old song and dance. He has his moments, but the poor play at the quarterback position holds him back.

Stefon Diggs – Diggs is our winner, to be sure, at the position. Granted, in standard scoring, he was 44th, but in a PPR format, he ended much higher. He dealt with injuries, so I think that he could have been higher. Either way, where you drafted him, he was a winner.

Bruce Ellington – Nope. Stop being cute.

Tajae Sharpe/Rishard Matthews – No to Sharpe, but very much so to Matthews. He finished 14th in standard scoring at the position, and wasn’t drafted until the very late rounds.

Nelson Spruce – Note cute, stupid, although I do think in dynasty leagues there is still hope.

Vance McDonald – McDonald finished 25th, but dealt with injuries and quarterbacks like Colin Kaepernick and Blaine Gabbert through the year. Not a great pick after the first few weeks.

Nick Vannett – Nope. Jimmy Graham is still very much a thing.

Julius Thomas – Once again, injuries crushed his season.

Clive Walford – I really expected big things out of Walford in 2016, but it didn’t happen outside of the first week.

There you have it – it was a really, really mixed season. I think there were certainly some key pointers that I am taking away for the 2017 season that will help us contend and win our leagues, to be sure.