2016 NFL Fantasy Football Busts


The 2016 season is in the books, and we’ve got to follow up on how our picks did. It was a fun year, and even though we didn’t hit everything on the head, which nobody does, we made it out on the plus side in our fantasy leagues. Even if your draft doesn’t go as planned, you can still manage to put together a nice season.


Andrew Luck – Luck was drafted as the #4 quarterback, and finished as the number 4 quarterback. This is astounding to me, as he definitely felt like he wasn’t THAT good. I think part of my issue with the quarterback position was my fawning over Dak Prescott, who was going far later in drafts, giving me a bad taste in my mouth over the other quarterbacks.

Blake Bortles – Bortles was drafted as the number 10 quarterback, and finished as the number 9. Much like Luck, it doesn’t feel like Bortles had that type of year. He had a lot of really bad games, but did have some big ones to balance things out.


David Johnson – Huge swing and a miss here.

Devonta Freeman – Freeman also finished at the same position as where he was drafted.

Matt Forte – Forte was drafted at 17, finished at 21. It was a bad year for Forte, but he didn’t kill you for the most part, especially early in the season, where you drafted him.

Jeremy Langford – Langford was a huge bust this year, being drafted as the 21st back off the board, but finishing in the 60’s depending on what type of scoring the league used.

Frank Gore – Another year, and another time Gore proves everyone wrong and maintains huge value for the entire season.


 Allen Robinson – Robinson was definitely a monster bust this year, often times falling in the first round, or early second, and finishing as the 28th ranked receiver. I think he certainly holds the chance of being a major bounce back candidate next season.

Dez Bryant – Dez was another bust, being drafted right after Robinson in many circumstances, and finishing only slightly higher at 25th. Injuries and the emergence of Dak and Elliott really dropped his stock.

Demaryius Thomas – Being drafted at 16 and finishing at 19 really isn’t bad play, especially considering this offense as a whole was pretty unspectacular.

DeSean Jackson – Again, Jackson was drafted at 33 and finished at 31, so things didn’t really turn out too poorly for him.

Travis Benjamin – Benjamin had a predictably poor year, despite being drafted late at 46th receiver off the board. He finished in the late 50’s, and has pretty much no value moving forward.


Travis Kelce – Another big swing and a miss.

Jimmy Graham – See above.